Top 10 Free and Amazing Elementor Templates for WordPress

We all know how important themes are for websites, as it affects user experience and is a factor in whether they stay or not. Thatís where Elementor come along, which is one of the most popular WordPress page builder plugins! With this plugin, you can create customized layouts for all your WordPress sites and pages.

Whatís great about this plugin isnít just the fact that you can create your own layouts. You can even find a smorgasbord of different pre-made templates to start off with, editing it according to your brand and what you want to convey. However, it gets difficult choosing the absolute best one, especially with the hundreds of choices.

Thatís why I made this guide to show you the top ten FREE Elementor templates you can use to begin! So read on to see which one is suitable for you and your brand.

Top Ten Free Elementor Templates for WordPress

Take note that WordPress themes and templates are NOT the same, so donít interchange one over the other! WordPress themes have all the layout designs and features for your website, while templates are layouts for specific pages or a part of the website, which are suitable for landing pages. To find out which templates work best for you, check out these free Elementor templates that are completely free and suitable for many uses.

1. Astra

Astra holds an amazing collection of Elementor templates you can easily use with the plugin. Not only do they have different kinds of templates for landing pages and other webpages in multiple niche, but they have more typographies and control for you to completely design your website uniquely.

They have features dedicated to even the smallest details, such as tools and filters, header and navigation, as well as your blog posts and archive listings!

2. Button Interactive

Button Interactive looks extremely attractive for its bright and minimalist design. In fact, itís the bold and bright colors that make it one of the favorites of many, especially websites and brands looking for a more modern design for the younger generation. Besides its colors, they also come with crisp and compelling typography.

This template is suitable for customized layouts and landing pages, coming with different sections to add testimonials, image galleries, footers, and team members. You can easily customize the template and use Elementor modules to maximize its functionality.

3. Alec

This is another simple template that was created mainly for musicians and bands, but other brands can also use it for its calming essence. It even has a full screen background image easily customizable if youíd like to change it to something personal.

There are different sections below where you can add an image gallery, embed videos, show upcoming events, and other content.

4. Alethea

Alethea is a stylish template made for flower shops, florists, and plant nurseries. But of course, other brands can use it as well, with a flexible design that minimalist-driven brands will appreciate. It even comes with features you would usually see from premium themes!

Itís easy to edit and customize its look with Elementor, or to use a live customizer, having different templates for specific landing pages.

5. Barista Bluegrass

For the cafes, pubs, cafeterias, or restaurants out there, the Barista Bluegrass is a beautiful template for you. It has the bold imagery and typography you can easily customize, with the eye-catching and clear message.

You can also create a menu with pricing tables to offer complete information for all visitors. Besides this, there is also a testimonial carousel, free images, and text blocks, as well as Pro elements and an HTML menu to utilize.

6. Novelistic

Content creators and writers will appreciate Novelistic, a template that shows a clear and concise message with its black skin and modern typography. It has the tabbed blocks and includes a stats counter for people to see how popular you are!

You can separate sections for your bio, press, books, and other content. There is even a separate blog page you can utilize to showcase your content or portfolio.

7. Hottrip

For the travel bloggers and businesses, the bright and colorful Hottrip can entice people to look into your images, offers, and other content! The template includes a stats counter and tabbed boxes for single pages.

Other than that, you can include a short ďAbout Me,Ē add in your contact details and place different packages for destinations you offer.

8. Free Multipurpose Elementor Template

For those who want something for just about any business or brand for you to tweak yourself, youíll like this template. It focuses on design and functionality, having the class and clean design with a lazy loading effect. Itís responsive, ready for Gutenberg, and with all customizable widgets and the versatility to use with any theme and to be moved around.

9. Studiex

Studiex has the popping colors made for offering IT courses and lessons. It doesnít have to be a boring topic with its creative design that incorporates IT and development-related elements. It shows more color without it looking messy, and also includes the following features besides an ďAboutĒ and Contact section:

  • Registration forms
  • Pricing packages
  • Training formats
  • Course programs and methodology

10. Coach

Coach is completely free and a simple template made for online coaching and consults. You can add in the services you offer, as well as calls-to-action and video ribbons for people to avail of your services and see what more you have to offer. It showcases your services through its theme icons, as well as shows your team through a personal block.

Wrapping It Up

As Elementor continues to grow, itís high time that you begin checking out what it offers and see which templates are suitable to create conversions. From its ease of use down to stylish designs you can make unique to your site, youíll be able to reap the benefits of excellently-designed web pages!

I hope this list on the best theme for Elementor gave you an idea of where to start. So try out the Elementor plugin and give these templates a look-see for a better-designed website now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with these templates, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!