Popular Technology WordPress Blogs

WordPress has built itself into the most extensive single web design platform on the Internet. Several top companies and agencies created their sites using this infrastructure, and a lot of people who want to do the same without necessarily learning how to code have opted for it.

However, beginners and professional WordPress experts need a little more knowledge from time to time, and some people have given their time to help provide this depth of knowledge.

Check out some of them below:

Digital Software Products

When you make a tool or site on WP, one of the first steps will be to test it out and see how well it works. Well, Digital Software Products provides you with the opportunity to get that done.

The entire purpose of this platform is to help provide in-depth and unbiased reviews of tech solutions, and if you think that your WP site is top-notch, then you could just go on and see what the professionals think about it.

Besides, you can also check out the blog to see what they think about some of the best software available on the platform. Content is arranged based on categories, and you can easily find your way around.


If you’re a beginner in WP and you want to set your site up, then CodeinWP is one of the best blog sections for you to get tools on how to start.

The objective of the blog is to provide tutorials to WP beginners that they can understand, thus helping them to start quickly. Content covers just about every aspect of WP, and the tutors have managed to make everything as simple and engaging as possible. Also, while the blog provides easy guidance, you also get some tools required for you to build the best site possible.

CodeinWP provides content every week, and you will find effective tutorials and enlightening comparison lists to guide you on your way towards building that great WP site. All content is researched correctly, and they’re highly reliable.


There’s hardly any way you could start your journey without going through WPBeginner, especially if you’re new to the entire WordPress scene. The platform comes with simple guides and tutorials for users, thus helping people to improve and hone their skills on the web development site without any stress at all.

However, if you think you’re already a pro on WordPress and you don’t have anything to learn here, you’ll be surprised at how much premium content is available on nonetheless. The bog section alone includes various categories related to the platform, from reviews, news, coupons, themes, and mouth-watering deals.

As long as you have activities on WordPress, you’re sure to find this platform invaluable.

Elegant Themes Blog

Just as its name suggests, the Elegant Themes Blog is one of your top sources for getting the best themes for your WordPress site.

However, its usefulness is much more extended, as you can also find plug-ins and templates for your WordPress site on here as well. Guides and tutorials for users are available as well, thus making the blog an all-encompassing WordPress solution. Just about anything you need related to WP can be found here. It’s a great guidance too=l for every user, regardless of their knowledge or acumen levels.

WPMU Dev Blog

The WPMU Dev Blog is a great place for professional WP web developers to learn more and improve their skills. The site provides you with just about everything you need for your website, from basic stuff like theses and plug-ins to advanced components like expert support from professionals and SEO and marketing tools to help build your site and take it farther.

Also, you get access to the WP Academy as soon as you sign up on here, thus getting you in contact with a broader pool experts and professionals to help you out. Moving on, the WPMU Dev Blog provides you with a pool of similar developers, all of whom are willing to help you advertise your site and business. You get the tips and tutorials needed to optimize the performance of your site.

Given all of these, there’s no doubt that this is one of the best WP-related blogs on the market. However, beginners might not get a lot of help here, as the tutorials and materials provided tend to run on the premise that you’ve gotten to a certain level of proficiency.