How To Set Up a WordPress Website Using Hostinger

The free open source platform WordPress is known to create any website you want. From complex e-commerce website to a simple blog – WordPress can be used in building anything. The most popular CMS (WordPress) is best known for its simplicity and versatility.

There are various hosting companies that provide you the opportunity to set up a WordPress website for that matter. You can try Hostinger if you are looking for a reliable and steadfast VPS service for heavy traffic for your website.

The cloud-based VPS service is exceeding all expectations with 24 X 7 tech support option. Also, better SEO ranking, minimum downtime, and better website speed are some of the advantages that a VPS service can provide you.

Here in this topic, you are going to be provided with the information about how to set up a WordPress Website using Hostinger. WordPress is fully compatible with regards to all the SEO features and the responsibilities that a CMS has to bear.

Effortless installation and systematic configuration make this CMS platform extremely reliable for setting up a website. Since it is a simple and a short tutorial, only Auto Installer method and the Manual one are expressed.

How to install WordPress Website using Auto Installer?

Setting up WordPress with the help of an Auto Installer is a quick procedure and it does not take more than a couple of minutes.

  1. Click on the Auto Installer icon by getting access to Hostinger control panel.
  1. Search the latest version of WordPress by entering WordPress in the search field.
  1. Fill the below-mentioned details;
  • Place your WordPress website address or just simply leave it blank if it is the domain name root you want to set up on WordPress.
  • Select your preferred WordPress language.
  • Make sure you are choosing an appropriate Administrator Username for WordPress dashboard login.
  • Choose your administrator password wisely for WordPress admin.
  • Be absolutely certain about mentioning the working Email for notifications, important updates, and password reset.
  • Put a title on your WordPress website.
  • Your website slogan displays the niche of your website. Therefore, be specific about it.
  • Click on the Install icon.

Once you are done filling the above-mentioned details, you are ready to log in to the administrator dashboard to set up your website.

How to install WordPress manually? 

Sometimes Auto Installer fails to respond. However, it does not happen quite often but sometimes it does. Or perhaps you want to explore the manual side of the installation and learn how CMS works.

Required steps are needed to be taken in order to install WordPress manually;

  1. Download the WordPress installation files.
  1. Utilize appropriate FTP client for uploading files to your hosting account.
  1. Create your MySQL database.
  1. Type your domain name in the browser and run the installation wizard.

Step 1 – Download installation files

It is best to proceed with downloading the latest version of WordPress. Extract the installation files from the compressed .zip archive. Extract the files to any folder in your computer.

Step 2 – Use your FTP client for uploading installation files

Upload the extracted WordPress files to your hosting account. There are a couple of ways through which you can initiate it but using FTP is the most convenient one. Hostinger provides you all the FTP details in their FTP Access area.

Get access to the WordPress folder in the FTP client and start uploading all the files to your hosting account.

Step 3 – MySQL Database

WordPress creates dynamic content each time a visitor gets accessed to the website. The database is stored with the content information which is necessary to create a MySQL database.

Hostinger control panel enables you to create a MySQL database. Enter the following details by getting access to the MySQL database section;

  • Name in the MySQL database.
  • Username in your MySQL database.
  • A strong password.

Step 4 – Run the Installation wizard

This step makes sure all the files are uploaded to the server. Also, it ends up in creating the MySQL database. Once you are done with figuring it out, run the installation wizard. Get accessed to it by mentioning the domain name in the web browser.

The 5 minutes installation wizard in WordPress entails 6 steps in total;

  1. Choose the preferred language and click “continue”.
  1. MySQL details will be asked and since you have already filled them, click on the “Let’s go!” icon.
  1. On the window put the credentials of your MySQL along with the hostname. In order to check your hostname, go to the MySQL Databases area in Hostinger Members section. Click on the Submit icon once you are done.
  1. WordPress tries to figure out if it is possible to sync with the MySQL database. Click on “Run the install”, once you are finished checking if there’s an error.
  1. Mention your main website, your administrative information, and then press the icon to Install WordPress. Afterward, proceed with the following details;
  • Title of your website.
  • Admin Username
  • Admin password.
  • Admin email address.
  • Must check the Search Engine Visibility to prevent your website from getting crawled by a Search Engine.
  1. By now, your WordPress setup is completed. Proceed with the login to access the WP admin area.

Final Words

Setting up a website on the WordPress can be carried out with both the manual and by using auto installers. Hope the short tutorial helped in clearing your queries about to how set up a WordPress Website.