A Guide to Monetizing Your WP Blog

Monetizing your blog is something that a lot of WordPress users struggle to figure out. Getting traffic on your blog is already difficult, without the added pressures that come with wanting to make an income from your writing. But, if itís your goal to make some quick cash from your blog stories, youíll need to understand how monetizing on WP works, and what you can do to get more visitors to your page.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and itís important to properly utilize SEO in your blog pages to bring more traffic to your site. You need to find some keywords, or buzzwords, that people often search on search engines, and use them in your blog posts. This words for single words as well as phrases, but you should keep in mind that people often use simple phrases when searching for answers and information.

The easiest way to start using SEO keywords is to search a few words or small phrases on a search engine, and let the search engine predict the rest of your search with autofill. Using those suggestions, add more keywords to your SEO list, or edit your key phrases.

SEO traffic is the best type of traffic your can get to your site, because itís targeted, and youíre using real search terms to create your keywords and key phrases.

Google AdSense

Lots of WordPress blogs run Google Adsense, because itís a popular way to easily monetize a blog without spending too much time thinking about the process. Google AdSense places ads on your website or blog, putting automatically chosen content on the page, and helping you make money. All ads are place in accordance to the interest of the user though they arenít likely to have anything to do with the subject of your blog post at all.

Blog Series

As a WordPress user, once you have enough content, you can create a series of blog posts. Your series of blog posts makes it easier to group together blogs that are on the same subject, which would optimize the organisation of your blog. This is perfect for blogs that include multiple subjects, or those who have several blogs to write about the same subject.

Reader Communication

Itís important to stay in touch with your readers when youíre trying to build the foundations of a viable monetized blog site. Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch, and there are several sites that will enable you to send out a newsletter to all of your viewers who opt in to one, and are happy to be contacted by you.

Other than email marketing, you can stay in touch on social media, which is a preferred method for internet users. Not only would you get to choose the platform or platforms that youíd be setting up an account on, but each comes with their own benefits and features for you to use.

Affiliate Marketing

This form of marketing is where you include links to a product or service that is noted from the affiliate program. When your visitor traffic clicks on the link to that product or service, and purchases it, youíll earn a small amount from each purchase.

To start affiliate marketing, you would simply need to join an affiliate marketing program, and start advertising on your blog posts. But it only sounds that easy. You will have to go through the process of choosing the niche that is appropriate for you and the type of affiliate marketing you would like to run (CPA, CPL, EPC etc.). For instance if you are running a blog about sex and sexual life and decide that CPA is the best form that will suit you, a good starting point would be to search for some adult CPA offers. This will suit your wants and meet the needs of your audience.


Once youíre producing a certain number of traffic views for your blog, you may find that a business may get in touch with you, willing to pay you if you write reviews or posts about them, or include a banner advertisement of them on your blog site.

Reviews that are paid are rather straightforward: the business will send you their product, and then expect you to write a review about it. Afterwards, youíll be paid for the review,youíre your time. You donít have to write a good review, but it might help you get more business from the company.

Banner ads, on the other hand, are simply ads that you put in the sidebar of your blog site, in a banner style. When sponsored by a business, youíre likely to be paid to keep this banner active on your blog site for any amount of time.


Other than helping businesses sell products, or advertising on their behalf, you can request donations or tips on your blog site. These can be interactive buttons, simply asking for a small donation from your guests, from a visible place on your site.