Free Push Notifications from SendPulse

Getting a dedicated number of subscribers is difficult enough, but maintaining those subscribers to keep engaging on your site regularly is no easy play. For this, Email and messaging are often employed but the web push notifications seem to work way better nowadays.

According to a survey, clicking rates for push notifications were twice as higher than for emails.  These web push notifications allow you to re-engage with your users on a whole new level. They send instant notifications to your subscribers to inform them about any news, sales or order statuses etc. that could be valuable information for your users.

Talking about web push notifications and not talking about SendPulse web push notifications could be a little mismatch. For one thing, they are completely free, with no strings attached at all.  It is a very popular WordPress webpush plugin that sends over 150 mln notifications every month for clients over 20,000 in numbers.

It is the brainchild of SendPulse which is a popular site that helps other businesses grow through their fast and affordable set of products and services. Besides web push plugin, SendPulse has email, sms and SMTP services in its bag of products.

Lets explore its features to know better about this service

1. Compatiblity: SendPulse web push is supported on all the main browsers of Chrome, Firefox and Safari on both HTTP and HTTPS sites.

2. Offline Notifications: It does not matter if your subscribers are offline, as soon as they come online, they will get your notifications through SendPulse web push notifications.

3. Personalization and segmentation: We all are a little egocentric in our own ways, and so are our users. Therefore, they will be flattered and will respond more positively if you address them through their names etc.

That is what SendPulse Personalization option does for you. Adding personal informations like the name of the customer or the product, date of purchase etc. builds a certain trust between you and your subscribers, which is very important for the success of your site.

Remember that these personal informations can easily be extracted by the system once your subscribers visit your site.

Not only that, you can increase the effectiveness of your notifications through segmenting, which is a little like personalization. It sends your notifications to a certain segment of your audience based on your campaign goals instead of randomly sending to all your subscribers. This is the most effective way.

4. A/B testing: With A/B testing, you can try out different emails to know which email gets the highest response. This way you will have a fairly good idea about which emails to send the next time.

This is how it works. The entire mail list is divided up such that each recipient’s group receive each versions of the same message. After the winning message criterion has been decided, the original message and the alternative versions are sent to all in your address book. The winning message is decided by the service, so that it could be sent to the rest also.

5. Statistics: You can see the open and click rates, geography stats and much more through using the SendPulse web push notifications.

6. SendPulse API: Using a single platform, you can send web push notifications, emails and SMS through SendPulse API.

To get this service, all you have to do is add one line of code to your site and then start sending web push notification requests to all your subscribers.