Is Custom WordPress Design Necessary?

There are many different decisions you will have to take when you launch a site. It is so easy to create a blog with WordPress but what you do with it is something that is totally different. That is where things get tough.

Out of all the decisions to take, the one that is incredibly important is about the design that you add to the CMS system. It is really important to choose something that is 100% suitable for your business but there are many facts that you will need to look at before the final decision is taken.

Custom WordPress Design Is Not Necessary Butů

The idea is that in most cases there is no necessity to invest money in a custom WordPress design. This is due to the fact that most sites launched every single day are not business related and do not need anything special. If you launch a blog with the purpose of simply talking about the things you like and you do not like, you can simply use a free or a really cheap WordPress theme.

Custom WordPress Design Vs Paid WordPress Theme

When talking about custom WordPress design we basically refer to design that is 100% custom. This means you hire someone that will create a theme or its design based on your particular wishes. The WordPress theme is a theme that can be customized as you wish but that is not 100% custom. Both options are better than the free themes since there are normally thousands of sites or more that use the most popular free themes.

The truth is in most situations the paid WordPress theme is the way to go, even for businesses. You would take advantage of this since the price is much lower and it is not at all difficult to save a lot of money. However, in making your final decision you should always think about the following facts.

Brand Identity

The business needs a 100% distinct identity. That identity needs to be properly communicated with every single online audience. You do this through many things but when looking at the design, you need color scheme, logo, look, feel and typography. The personality of the site has to be unique. It should align with the business identity. The premium and free themes do not offer a complete flexibility. However, for some smaller companies the premium themes may be enough. Custom design is needed for the firms that absolutely need to have everything created according to a specific set of rules.

Necessity To Have High Conversion Landing Pages

The second important thing you need to remember is that when you need to build a highly converting landing page you will need to seriously consider using custom WordPress themes. A landing page cannot normally be created to look differently than the overall design of the theme. If you want the landing pages to be completely customized, the use of paid themes can do the trick, although in many cases that will not offer what may be needed as a whole.