The Best Types of WordPress Themes for Sales Pages

An online e-commerce website must be user friendly and have a high quality design, but even more importantly than that it needs to have an efficient sales page.† Without this thereís a strong chance your website wonít survive because customers donít want to feel annoyed or frustrated whilst trying to shop online.† The best thing about using a WordPress theme for your website is that you donít have to worry about coding because they are all really easy to use.† All you have to make sure of is that you choose the right type of theme for your business so hereís a few tips to get you started.


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What Makes a Good Sales Page Theme?

The most important thing to look for first is themes that have been specially developed for e-commerce (also referred to as WooCommerce on WordPress).† These themes will have important features like spacious layouts with high resolution images and they will be flexible to customise.† Many of the WooCommerce themes are multipurpose which means they can be used for various kinds of online stores from fashion to technology.† Important features to look out for when choosing your theme are:

  • Options to create landing pages and membership areas.
  • Excellent presentation of content including slideshow and presentation spaces.
  • Compatible with other devices with different resolutions.
  • Integrated SEO features.
  • Blog centred features such as last updated feature and social media sharing capabilities.

Additional Extras to Consider

So, youíve chosen your theme, worked out the best layout for your products and which technical features you are going to include but the work doesnít stop there.† The beauty of WordPress is that there are always more options and things you can do to improve your website and most of these come in the form of a plugin or widget.

A really important one for any business is the WordPress Testimonial Plugin with widget which allows you to display customer testimonials on your website without any hassle.† You can include information such as the author, pictures and website URL.† Using testimonials on your website is an effective way to increase sales of your products.

Another effective plug-in is the WP Google Analytics Plugin which integrates seamlessly with your WordPress site.† This plugin will help you figure out who your target audience is.† The Advanced Tracking function allows you to see what browsers and devices your audience use as well as user geolocation and shows you your e-commerce sales stats.

Now to Get Their Attention

We all know the importance of marketing techniques and generating leads to attract people to your website but what we donít want is for them to get there and then think Ďwell this site looks boringí and fail to browse any further than the homepage.† Your WordPress theme will have helped you set up a brilliant layout with everything thatís important in its place but that wonít necessarily keep their attention.

This is where you need some eye-catching visual effects and there are companies out there that are dedicated to helping you with exactly that.† Companies such as Spiel Creative use the latest insights in the fields of user engagement and conversion optimisation to deliver your message to the people who visit your website and leave them enthralled and wanting more.† What better reaction could you wish for when trying to entice new customers? Hopefully these tips will transform them into regular ones.