7 Excellent WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketers

WordPress is widely used for pretty much any purpose. Blogging, marketing, business, education, and many more to mention. There are many reasons behind such a widespread use of WordPress as a CMS, and flexibility is the primary one. Whether you use it for a personal blog, for a startup business or for marketing, youíll find thousands of tools that will come in handy.

This post is, however, focused on WordPress plugins that can contribute a great deal to digital marketing campaigns. They are widely used by marketers and are proven to work. If youíre down to starting an online marketing campaign, or already started one for your blog or business, these 7 WordPress plugins will help you to get the job done. Find below a quick overview of the plugins and see in what way they can be helpful in your marketing undertakings.

WordPress Google Analytics Plugin

You canít run any marketing campaign without knowing who your targeted audience is. This is why Google Analytics WD comes first in the list. Itís the official member of Google Analytics Technology Partners Program and integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website. The plugin comes with an advanced tracking functionality and allows you to track who your audience is, what browsers and devices they use while interacting with your website, user geolocation, site speed, and even your Ecommerce sales stats.


Google Analytics WD comes with advanced custom reporting functionality that lets you get reports on any metric and dimension that youíll need. Also, you can enable custom dimension tracking for logged in users, post author’s, specific post types and categories. Its goal management functionality is a great way to track targeted activities and see when they are accomplished. For example you can set visiting a specific page as a goal, and get notified when someone visits it. The plugin is equipped with alert and pushover notifications, and informs you about any ups and downs on bounces, pageviews, traffic, users, and sessions. It comes with a comprehensive visualization of reports in chart views, and allows you to export them to CSV/PDF files, or email to various recipients.

WordPress Instagram Feed Plugin

If you use Instagram as a part of your marketing campaign, you can easily integrate multiple user and hashtag based Instagram feeds on your website with Instagram Feed WD plugin. Its conditional filtering option will let you display filtered images or feeds that will attract the right audience.


You can show the feed username and its metadata with Thumbnail, Masonry, Blog Style and Image Browser views, and also customize the view settings to best fit your website design. There are two options to open the images, one with redirection to Instagram, and the other is to open them in the lightbox. I would strongly recommend the second option, as the lightbox displays the images with beautiful transition effects and filmstrip option, and also shows image media caption and comments along the way. The plugin comes with two customizable themes, which allow you to give custom styling features to the feeds.

WordPress Facebook Feed Plugin

Facebook is not just a place where people connect online. Itís now a great marketing tool for businesses to reach out for potential customers. Facebook Feed WD plugin will help you to bring multiple Facebook feeds, pages, photos and events to any post and page, and engage your website visitors in your marketing campaign. The best thing about the plugin is that you can display either the whole timeline of the selected feed, or only specific content that is most relevant for marketing purposes.


The feeds are displayed in Blog style and Thumbnail views. For image and video content there is an additional Masonry view, and the Album view for displaying albums. You can fully configure the feed settings in terms of feed update interval, view settings, post length, post comments, etc. Media content in the feeds can be displayed in the lightbox , which supports 15 transition effects, filmstrip view, comments and social sharing buttons display. You can also enable the display of the page plugin at the top or bottom of the post, which will showcase a customizable box with the header image and number of page likes.

OptinMonster Plugin

OptinMonster is another great tool to contribute to any marketing campaign. With its easy to use form builder it will help you to create various kinds of highly converting opt-in forms, expand your emailing list and turn your website visitors into subscribers. The type of forms you can create vary from simple pop-ups to floating bars, scroll triggers, after post forms, welcome gates, etc.


The best thing about the plugin is that it comes with exit-intent technology, page-level targeting, and behavior automation features that allow you to get the most out of the forms. There are 8 types of opt-in form templates available which you can further customize and use with your own styling and design.

WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin will help you to improve your website search engine optimization in all aspects, and put it in front of your potential customers. It will help you write a better content with proper key-words and take care of the other technical stuff, such as page analysis, link elements, and XML sitemaps. It also checks whether you post titles are long enough, or images in your posts have a meta description containing the focus keyword.


The plugin is multisite compatible and you can easily import/export its settings from one website to another. Also, it comes with a snippet preview functionality, which allows you to see how your posts or pages will look like in search results.

WordPress Landing Pages

This plugin is developed with the best inbound marketing practices in mind and lets you create unlimited landing or splash pages on your website. With its help you can run A/B and multivariate tests to optimize your landing pages and monitor and improve conversion rates. It comes with a visual editor that allows you to quickly create contact forms, change and edit page design and layout, and integrate icons and buttons.


Moreover, you can also implement any HTML or CSS design on the landing pages ,and †instantly see the changes you make to them. The plugin allows you to make changes to the existing landing pages on your website as well.

AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny is one of the most popular social sharing plugins and comes with a bunch of outstanding features. Itís a great marketing tool which enables you to share your website content to over 100 social media platforms and services, and is analytics integrated to help you to track the shared links.


There are various types of share buttons available in the plugin, such as,universal share button, †floating bars, vector share and follow buttons, which can be placed anywhere on your website. The buttons are also highly customizable and extensible, allowing you to use custom share icons at any location.

These WordPress plugins work out of the box and will make sure your marketing efforts are not wasted in vain. They are well coded, fast and super easy to use and set up. All you have to do is to choose the right ones best fitting your needs and your audience. If you have any other WordPress marketing tools in mind, feel free to mention them in the comments below.