6 Easy Ways to Master WordPress Blogging

Millions of blog and website owners worldwide have chosen WordPress. For what reason? To date, this platform is one of the most flexible CMS performers. With it, you can create professional high-quality websites and blogs inexpensively and in the shortest possible time. Despite such extensive functionality, even a novice user can create something truly outstanding. 

Even if you are not one of the professional writers, this is not a reason to decline blogging as an idea. There is a way to get assistance with everything these days. You may be a student missing an urgent deadline, or an ambitious learner dreaming of a great blog. Nowadays all you have to do is enter “help write my essay” in the search bar or just go here https://essaypro.com/write-my-essay.html and find a lot of advantageous propositions for the content. All you have to do is create your blog and earn some money. 

If you are interested, below are the top 6 best online resources. They will help you understand the functionality of WordPress, the most popular CMS performer.

Official WordPress Lessons

Education on WordPress would be great to start with the use of resources located on the official site. There you can find a page that explains a lot of frequently used terms associated with websites and blogs. Even if you have never been involved in developing a site before, you can instantly immerse yourself in learning and creating your blog.

The lessons on the official website cover all the basics of using WordPress, such as:

  • choosing a topic
  • creating a menu page 
  • using multimedia features
  • further site customizing. 

Also, there you can find data about how to update the blog using mobile devices. All information is free and available to everyone.

WordPress TV

This resource is a vast knowledge base for WordPress users. It provides many clear and comprehensive manuals that allow mastering the system as soon as possible. Experienced students can also take advantage of advanced tips on various topics, as well as ask questions directly to maximize the benefits of WordPress use. 

The central part of the content is a functional description of different plugins, add-ons, and ready-made functions. The resource is based on community concepts, which means that everyone can: 

  • start a discussion; 
  • share own experience (for example of writing or blogging)
  • upload a video.


This resource is a collection of original videos that you can buy for a relatively low price. WP101 is one of the best places to find professional WordPress tutorials. There is lots of useful information for beginners as well. 

Huge attention is given to Yoast and its CEO functions. You will learn about how to install plugins, optimize site performance, and do customization themes.

If you need information related to custom fields, permalinks, and theme updates, then this is also the right place.


If you see yourself more as a designer than a developer, then Hongkiat is your choice. Here you will find materials that reveal quite complex issues of aesthetics. This resource is an excellent place for design training as it contains all the specific functions and shortcodes. Those will be 100% required when creating and maintaining a website.


Udemy can be called an interactive WordPress college that has over fifty useful education courses. After purchase, they can be used at any time without any additional charge. 

Students who are studying to become designers consider Udemy as an invaluable source in their digital library. And they do so for a reason, as it is difficult to find more versatile reference material. Each Udemy course contains about 1000 engaging lessons, tests, and tips for both beginners and advanced users.


For those who are looking for inspiration, as well as useful tips related to WordPress, this resource will be a treasure. It is an online library (like in universities) containing dozens of tutorials. At WPKube you may find information about everything related to this system (including hacker programs). Thus, this resource will be of top interest to any person working with WordPress CMS performer.

Final Words

WordPress is an open-source platform that does not require coding skills, has many convenient features and an intuitive interface. For this reason, it can be called the king of blogs. Using the resources mentioned in this article, any learner, either a beginner or an experienced user will find something useful. So add some more favorite tabs in your browser and get the WordPress experience to a new level!