5 Reasons You Should Choose WordPress for Your Business Website

You have numerous choices when it comes to building the website for your business, so why do so many people choose WordPress? Moreover, why should you? The answer to both questions is simple: simplicity. WordPress gives users a platform upon which they can build their own online presence, and it works in tandem with another crucial component, social media. Here are five additional reasons why this is an excellent option for you, at least when you’re just starting out.

1. Less Updating

WordPress offers a convenient base platform and countless plugins that allow users to build and monitor their web presence. What’s nice about the plugins is they are autonomous and stable. Unlike your smartphone, which notifies you on a regular basis that various apps have an update, WordPress plugins update all at once. This means less downtime. In fact, most WordPress updates take less than 15 minutes to perform, which keeps your business website up and running nearly all the time.

2. Different Sites

Another advantage of WordPress is it offers multiple site hosts on one installation. You don’t need to search through a software engineering jobs candidate pool and hire someone to set up your complex internet presence. If you have a business where multiple employees or independent contractors need their own website connected to yours, such as sales agents throughout the nation, WordPress can accommodate that. Everything will be on one host package, and this saves you money.

3. Countless Options

As briefly touched upon above, WordPress has a ton of plugins, and these plugins are extremely versatile. What does this mean for your business? No matter what you do, there’s a plugin for you. You can manage anything from blog posts to job posts to an event calendar, and this makes managing your web presence a streamlined process that – again – saves you money. Time is money in business and anything that saves your precious time saves your precious operating capital.

4. It’s Easy

Do you know HTML coding? Do you know any other coding? Have you ever attempted to build your own website from scratch? If you have, you know this is cumbersome and time consuming. HTML, CMS, etc. takes knowledge and patience. You cannot make adjustments, edits, or revisions quickly and easily. WordPress is coded for you. If you need to edit something or changes themes, you can so in seconds rather than hours. This works well when you want to keep your online presence fresh.

5. Theme Variety

Speaking of themes, no matter what you do WordPress has a theme for it. No matter your digital marketing strategy, WordPress has a theme for it. If you want simple, done. If you want complex, done. If you want professional, casual, campy – it doesn’t matter. WordPress has many themes to choose from that will suit your business perfectly and give it the appearance you desire. All themes are user-friendly and functional, too, which keeps your visitors on your website much longer.

These are just five reasons why WordPress is perfect for just about any website application. The interface is easy for you and your visitors to use, and it connects users to your social media platforms easily. Why would you choose anything else? That is the ultimate question!