5 Reasons Why You Should Have This Google Maps Widget on Your WordPress Website

Third-party widgets and plugins have become a tad bit unpopular on WordPress sites these days. For starters, plugins can slow down a website. More importantly, third-party plugins are notoriously vulnerable to hackers and malicious software. However, that doesn’t mean your WordPress site has to be plugin free. There are still some cool and safe plugins you should use on your WordPress-based website.


Most sites, especially retail sites, can significantly benefit from a Google Maps plugin. However, many Google Maps widgets available are bulky, faulty, and come from dubious sources. However, this Google Maps Widget (GMW) has emerged as a surprisingly popular plugin for retail websites, bloggers, and other parties. Here are several reasons why:

1. Itís Super Light

Most Google Maps plugins require over 40 requests to load. That means the plugin is heavy and will most likely slow down your website. However, GMW can load with a single application. It’s lightning-fast speed in the world of widgets. Using GMW can save you as much as 2 MB of bulk. If you have a component-heavy website, and you are concerned about loading speed, GMW is the ideal choice for you.

2. Easy to Install and Customize

GMW is very easy to install either manually or via WordPress. The smaller size of the widget means installs load fast. Then, itís only a matter of time until you customize the widget. In addition to regular customization features such as size and placement, you can edit the pin, text, and many other features of this widget. You can use a custom pin if you like using a library of over 1,500 pin images.

3. Allow Users to View Map in Modes

With GMW, you can show maps in satellite, street, terrain, or hybrid mode. Users can also choose while browsing. This is a cool feature not available with other widgets. Even if such a feature is available, other widgets tend to be bulky.

4. Show Directions and Other Cool Features

You can customize the widget so that it shows directions to your location. Online retailers and small businesses with websites will certainly find this feature extremely useful. The map offers great interactive functionality. You can adjust features like zoom, and the users can too.

5. Itís Very Affordable

First of all, you can get the basic version for free. If you decide to upgrade, you should know that GMW comes in three packages: Pro Personal, Pro Unlimited Personal, and Pro Unlimited Agency. Prices for each package respectively are $11, $39, and $67. The Pro Personal is intended for non-business users and only supports one site. The other two packages support unlimited websites and come with lifetime customer care. The Pro Unlimited Personal is suitable for one-person online ventures, like travel blogs. These prices are highly affordable considering the features being offered. Also, you wonít have to spend extra for technical support.

Plus, GMW is available in some different languages other than English, including Spanish, French, Chinese (various), Russian, and German.

Google Maps Widget is a highly useful and cost-effective widget both business and personal users will find extremely beneficial.