3 Ways to Promote Your New WordPress Website

Given the advancements in technology, it’s now so easy to put our ideas into words and publish them for the world to see. Aside from posting updates on social media, we can create personal websites for useful content. There are platforms like WordPress that give us ready-made web page templates for faster and easier website creation.

If you are looking to make money through your website, it’s never enough to just build it. There is a great need to promote your page. In this article, we present three sure ways to get your content out there for your target audience.

Influencer Marketing

When we speak of promotions, endorsers immediately come to mind. Although mainstream celebrities still matter in the online world, the more accessible influencers have slowly become the go-to for promotions. Influencers are social media personalities who have a considerable number of followers on their accounts. You simply use their platform and voice to feature your content in the hopes that their followers will respond and start to follow you as well, or at least consume your content.


Newly created WordPress sites really need search engine optimization or SEO. This is the process of making a website more searchable on search engines, especially Google.

There are two broad types of SEO: on-page and off-page. On-page SEO pertains to how you “package” your content. Are you using the right keywords? Is your site easy to load and navigate? These are just some of the issues that on-page SEO addresses. WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO helps you with on-page SEO.

Off-page SEO refers to the actual content promotion. One of the most important objectives here is to establish authority by making other content creators cite you on their pages, a process called link-building. To achieve this, you have to come up with content that is not only well-written, but unique as well.

Aside from link building, you can also try guest posting. Instead of waiting for other content creators to cite your work, you actively build links by writing articles (also called guest posts) for other websites. This article will bear your name and your website link.

Social Media Promotions/Marketing

When you conduct influencer marketing, you partner with social media personalities. So, how do social media promotions that we talk about here differ from that?

When you do social media marketing, you build your own social media accounts and build your own social media following through them. You share content there, perhaps in formats that are easily shareable on the platform for better engagement. You just have to curate your content well to maintain the momentum. Most online articles say that creating unique content is one way to promote a site. While we don’t think this is wrong, creating good content is just one way of promoting a website. Without quality content; influencer marketing, SEO, and social media promotions, you’ll likely be met with frustrations and bad publicity for your site.  Hence, you should only start thinking about promotion techniques when you are sure that what you offer is both valuable and useful.