20 Most Popular WordPress Widgets for Websites

Customizable WordPress Widgets can go a long way to enhance the usability and user friendliness of a WordPress theme. They also help in driving a new traffic to the blog or site by referring it to other. If you are using a WordPress based blog or site. They can also make a theme look more attractive and reflect the creativity of the blogger.

Today in this article I have posted 20 most popular WordPress widgets for your blog or any wordpress based site. Widgets are basically designed to give flexibility to user to use and customize wordpress easily like plugins. Many of these widgets also help indirectly with the SEO of the site which again helps to get more traffic. You may be interested in other useful resources on Review Theme For WordPress, WP Header Designs, Magazine WordPress Themes.

Free WordPress Widgets

1. WP Core Contributions Widget

A lot of people write code. A lot of people write WordPress plugins. A lot of people write WordPress themes. But only a handful of people contribute code back to the core WordPress project.

WP Core Contributions Widget

2. YouTube Channel

Simply insert widget to sidebar, set channel name and if you wish leave all other options on default. You will get latest video from chosen YouTube channel embedded in sidebar widget, with link to channel on the bottom of the widget.

YouTube Channel

3. FCChat Widget

FCChat connects your web site users with chat, video conferencing, instant messaging and more.

FCChat Widget

4. Pinterest Pinboard Widget

A simple must-have widget for the Pinterest addict! Displays thumbnails of your latest Pinterest pins on your website.

Pinterest Pinboard Widget

5. Zemanta

Zemanta recommends content while you write your post. It helps you enhance it with images, videos, links, and SEO optimized tags. It’s blogging on steroids!


6. AddThis

The AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget allows any visitor to bookmark and share your site easily with over 330 popular services.


7. Genesis Footer Widgets

Adds 3 or 4 footer widget areas to the Genesis Theme Framework version 1.6 or higher.

Genesis Footer Widgets

8. Cat + Tag Filter

This plugin adds a widget to your WordPress site that gives your visitors an ability to filter all your posts by a category or/and tag.

Cat + Tag Filter

9. SEO Tag Cloud Widget

SEO Tag Cloud Widget displays the tag cloud in a SEO-friendly way, using a search engine optimized html markup.

SEO Tag Cloud Widget

10. Authors Widget

Authors Widget shows the list or cloud of the authors, with the number of posts, link to RSS feed next to their name, avatar. It is useful in a multi-author blog, where you want to have the list in the sidemenu.

Authors Widget

Premium WordPress Widgets

11. Custom Widget Areas for WordPress

With the plugin you can create an unlimited number of Sidebars (Custom Widget Areas) and easily configure them by adding widgets in already familiar WordPress interface.

Custom Widget Areas for WordPress

12. Popular Posts Bar Widget

Show what’s hot in your blog right now with this WordPress Widget, inspired by the fine folks at Engadget.

Popular Posts Bar Widget

13. Ninety Ajax Login and Register for WordPress

Our Sidebar Login/Register plugin for wordpress does exactly what it says on the tin; Logins and Registrations with a touch of AJAX magic.

Ninety Ajax Login and Register for WordPress

14. Better Recent Posts Widget Pro

Better Recent Posts Widget Pro provides a greatly enhanced recent posts widget. The default recent posts widget that comes with WordPress offers almost zero control over which posts are displayed, or how they are displayed.

Better Recent Posts Widget Pro

15. Three Sources Weather Forecast WordPress Widget

Our weather forecast widget doesn’t come only with WordPress support, but it can also be integrated on any website not based on WordPress, due to the versatile class that returns a formatted string, that is then used in any design.

Three Sources Weather Forecast WordPress Widget

16. Tabs Widget for WordPress

This plugin creates a new WordPress widget to display a tabbed panel with different content types on your site, from recent or popular posts to your latest tweets from your Twitter timeline.

Tabs Widget for WordPress

17. CSS3 Sticky Footer Menu For WordPress

This CSS3 Sticky Footer Menu For WordPress will help you to create easily your own Sticky Footer with WordPress. It doesn’t use any javascript and relies only on CSS .

CSS3 Sticky Footer Menu For WordPress

18. Testimonials for WordPress

With this plugin it’s possible to create/collect/manage and show testimonials of your clients and users. The plugin consists of a Custom post type were you can manage your testimonials.

Testimonials for WordPress

19. Better Related Posts Widget

This plugin provides an advanced widget that allows you to display similar, or related, posts in any widgetized sidebar.

Better Related Posts Widget

20. WordPress Video Training Dashboard Widget

A dashboard widget/plugin that provides one click access to WordPress video training. The widget can be configured by a WordPress administrator, allowing them to choose the most appropriate videos for the website and client.

WordPress Video Training Dashboard Widget

Feel free to add any WordPress widgets you feel I missed in the comments below. I will do my best to update this post to reflect the best widgets provided in the comments!