WordPress Tools to Start Your Blog the Right Way

Nowadays, to start blogging you just need a good content management platform and a head full of ideas. While the content management systems provide the core foundation for blogging, a good and successful blog requires much more consideration, time and resources.

As the most feature packed content management platform, WordPress gives you the essential and useful functionalities necessary for blogging. Fortunately, it also provides a sea of enhancement possibilities for just any feature of your website.

If you are a starter in blogging and looking for tools to start your blog from the right foot, this post is all about it. I have chosen 5 WordPress tools, which will make blogging easier for you and bring better outcomes from the very start of your blogging career.

Portfolio Gallery Theme


If you are looking for a modern, functional and advanced theme for your blog, look no further than WordPress Portfolio Gallery Theme. Itís a feature rich WordPress portfolio theme which enables you to create media galleries, portfolios and other collections and display them in various customizable views. You can display collection descriptions on hover and in a lightbox. The lightbox of the theme is super advanced and is capable of showing your galleries as a slideshow with 15 slide effects. The theme is responsive and includes much more features and functionalities, which you can find by checking the theme demo.

Instagram Feed WD


As you start your blog, youíll most probably need a lot of photos to accompany the content you write. Instead of spending long hours for searching image stocks relevant to the content you provide, just bring some cool instagram feeds to your website. Your visitors are going to appreciate it.

Instagram Feed WD plugin does a great job in bringing user and hashtag based Instagram feeds to your website and displays them in four beautiful layouts. My favorites among those four are Masonry and Blog style, which show images in large thumbs and make my posts look amazing.

This Instagram plugin features a powerful lightbox, which can show any available info about the image such as comments, likes, hashtags, captions, etc. It also shows images and other media as a slideshow with different transition effects. All the layout, feeds, theme settings can be easily customized. Another great feature, which I like about Instagram Feed WD plugin is its conditional filtering option, which allows me to filter images using different conditions, such as hashtags, username, mention , description, and Instagram media link. Check the Instagram plugin demo to see its layouts and features in use.

Simple Share Buttons Adder


When you publish a blog post, you expect it to reach as many people as possible. This can be difficult to achieve, especially if your blog is new and its traffic leaves much to desire. As you start publishing posts donít forget about social media. Have your content shared across major social networks and youíll see your readersí base rapidly grow. To easily spread awareness about your blog and help it to get noticed you need to use Simple Share Buttons Adder plugin. Itís the easiest way to increase your traffic and readership. The plugin allows you to add fully customizable social share buttons to your posts and track the number of shares with literally no efforts. The plugin perfectly works on mobile devices. The new on scroll feature will enable you to show or hide the share buttons depending on the distance of the top or bottom of your page.

Post Slider WD


Iím sure you’ll have a plenty of great content shared on your blog, so make sure your visitors see them up front. The best and easiest way to show up your posts is to get Post Slider WD installed on your blog. You can demonstrate your posts using dynamic or static slide options. The most stand out feature of the plugin is its ability to easily insert the slider to any of your blogís pages and posts using the provided shortcodes, or showcase them in widgets or insert the slider to the theme header. This WordPress post slider will make sure your blog posts are showed in elegant slides with over 25 cool transition effects. You can add featured images for the posts, add text, image, social share buttons, and hotspot layers, which will not only perfectly present your posts but also enhance the functionality of your website. †You can display your posts in dynamic or static slide modes. There is a number of post sorting options, such as by publishing date, author, title, menu order or random. The slides support carousel and filmstrip options as well. This is a great tool to present the posts on your blog in an eye-catchy way and get much more post and page views.

WordPress PopUp


Pop-ups provide an easy way for building a subscriberís list, promoting products or events, spreading awareness, publishing announcements and many other things. WordPress PopUp plugin is an effective solution for all the above mentioned activities. It employs a responsive design and your blog pop-ups will look great on just every device. You can customize every feature of the pop-ups, add your own message and images, change pop-up style, colors and style, and customize with HTML. You can regulate when the pop-ups are to be displayed and who can see them. A great feature that WordPress PopUp plugin provides is that your website visitors can hide the pop-ups from seeing them ever again. It can serve as a great way to increase content consumption and user engagement.

The path to having a successful and popular blog lies through regular publishing, interesting and trustworthy content, and loyal and active visitors. Although itís not that easy to achieve, these WordPress tools will help you to set the right foot forward and set your website up for success from the beginning.

Author Bio:

Gayane Mar is a passionate web-blogger who started her blogging activity a few years ago. Her posts are all about web design and web development. She writes all these posts for good people who need some guidance or advice with web development. The driving force behind her writings is the great hope that her blog posts would be helpful for each and every one reading them. If you are interested you can follow her own blog wpcapitan.com.