Top WordPress Plugins to Keep Your Blog Organized

Those of you who have dipped their toes in blogging probably know that it involves a lot of planning and organization. The ones who haven’t started yet and are down the path of starting a blogging career have to keep that in mind. You should give a careful thought not only what you write about but also how you organize it and present to your visitors.

Blogging is not an easy job, but with a carefully planned strategy and with the right tools it will get way easier. If your blog is WordPress powered then there are some great news for you. I’ve hand picked a bundle of WordPress plugins that are doing a great job in keeping your content organized and provide better user experience on your blog. Feel free to take your pick from the list and make the most out of it.

Photo Gallery

Visuals are great and doing a really good job in grabbing visitor attention. They are also a good way to increase retention and engagement on your blog. Their benefits will be twice as much if you organize and showcase them at their best. And this is where WordPress Photo Gallery plugin is your best partner. With its help you’ll be able to create unlimited responsive media galleries and albums and display them with 10 beautiful views. The WordPress gallery plugin features a full-width lightbox with an option to play the images in a slideshow. It is loaded with lots of editing tools for images and views customization. You can add tags and captions to images, enable right click protection, add watermarks/advertisement of each individual image, display the number of images in the gallery, add social sharing buttons, etc.


There are also some amazing features for your blog visitors as well.They can search the galleries based on titles and use the front-end image sorting option to get the results displayed according to their preference.The plugin supports both images and videos within a single gallery and comes with Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo integration. You can also display the galleries and albums using highly customizable widgets.

Photo Gallery plugin is a great way to organize your media content and display it at its best.

Event Calendar WD

If you like to organize various events on your blog then you should get to know about the Event Calendar WD. This WordPress event calendar not only helps you to organize your events in beautiful views but also enables you to provide as much details about them as possible. Apart from showing the event date, time and the location on the Google maps, you can also display event URLs,tags, categories, organizers, featured images,etc.


There is a possibility for adding recurring events on the calendar by setting the repeating rate. Social sharing option is another great feature to get maximum exposure for your events on major social networks. The plugin is highly customizable and comes with custom CSS support to give it the feel and look that most fits your website. The calendar is also responsive and SEO-friendly.

Organize Series

Wouldn’t it be great to organize all your blog posts that belong to a particular serie in one taxonomy and help your readers easily determine them ? With Organize Series WordPress plugin it’s more than possible. It does exactly what it says- helps with the organization and presentation of the articles or posts written as part of series. The plugin does so by adding a new WordPress taxonomy type called ”series” for your posts. While it automatically takes care of serie organization it also gives you full control to customize how the serie information gets displayed on your blog.

There is an option to upload an icon for each serie to make them easily identified.


There are also two widgets available to display the series: the default widget to display the series in a list or a dropdown format, and the latest series widget for displaying the most recent series you added.  The plugin also  helps your SEO, as the organization of your posts/articles makes it easy for search engine to index your site.

Footer Putter

Oftentimes bloggers don’t pay much attention to the footer part of their blogs, thinking that no one actually cares what’s at the bottom. But that’s not always the case. If given careful thought to, you can get the most out of the footer of your blog. Footer Putter Plugin can help you to transform the bottom part of your blog and help you earn credibility. With its Footer Copyright and Trademarks widgets it allows you to add any information about you and your blog that your visitors would need.


You can display contact details such as number, email ID, address and incorporate  links to blog Privacy terms and Conditions. The plugin features widget visibility control,which enables you to  choose where, when and to whom display the widgets based on your personal preferences.

Organizing your blog might seem a real challenge at first, but with these useful plugins you’re sure to get the job done easily and save a lot of time along the way. An organized and easy to navigate website really matters for your visitors and is also good for its ranking. So, pick the right plugin from the list and make your way to a well-organized and professional-looking blog.

Contributing author Gayane Mar is a passionate web-blogger who started her blogging activity a few years ago. Her posts are all about web design and web development. She writes all these posts for good people who need some guidance or advice with web development. The driving force behind her writings is the great hope that her blog posts would be helpful for each and every one reading them. If you are interested you can follow her own blog