How to Integrate Social Media with Your WordPress blog: 6 Best Plugins

I guess there is no need to talk about how important social media is nowadays. There is a good chance most of your website visitors spend a plenty of time scrolling up and down the feeds, liking and sharing images, commenting and connecting on different social platforms.

Therefore, any integration with social media, can have a positive impact on your website traffic, marketing campaign, and the overall success of your blog.

There are tons of social media related plugins available in the WordPress directory, that offer a myriad of different functionalities, be it a simple social sharing/following, share counting, Instagram/Facebook integration, and many more.  No matter what kind of a blog you run, these services and features will come in handy and increase social awareness of your blog.

With this in mind I suggest you check out the below list of high quality social media plugins, that are sure to bring useful features to your WordPress blog and make it more social.

WordPress Facebook Feed Plugin

You can hardly find any blog or website that doesn’t have an active Facebook profile, page or group, or, sometimes, all the three at the same time. That’s quite reasonable. As the most widely used social platform, Facebook presence is crucial for the success of your blog. It’s a good chance to get your posts in front of a wider audience and drive plenty of traffic.


Another way to stay connected with Facebook, is to bring various feeds, posts and photos to your website. Facebook Feed WD plugin will help you to do it with ease and in no time. With its help you can bring various profile, public group or page based feeds to any of your posts and pages and choose what type of content to display. You’re free to showcase either the whole timeline of the feed, or only photos, albums, videos or events that the feed features. Moreover, you get full control over the feed settings, content length, feed style and design. Depending on the content type you choose to display, you’ll get Masonry, Album, Thumbnail and Blog style view options.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Monarch is probably the most advanced and comprehensive social sharing plugin so far. It’s super-fast and comes with tons of styling options and location possibilities. It offers over 20 social networks to share your content on, and more than 35 networks for social following. There are 6 automatic pop-up and fly-in triggers available that will display the sharing buttons based on user interactions.


Monarch is packed with various design options so that you can customize the buttons’ shape, color, hover effects, network names, icon orientation, and many more. It also features an advanced analytics functionality that helps you easily see and monitor all of your content shares and followers.

WordPress Instagram Plugin

Don’t let your visitors miss out on any cool Instagram images. Instagram Feed WD will help you display multiple user and hashtag based feeds on your website with advanced conditional filtering option. What it enables you to do is to choose specific condition types, such as username, hashtag, mention, description, Instagram media link, source of filtering, the filter logic, and the plugin shows the results which meet your specified conditions.


This is a great option to display a specific content that you know your visitors are most interested in. You can fully customize feed and lightbox settings and choose the options which best go with your website and its design.

Pin It Button

This plugin lets you add “Pin it” buttons to your posts in literally no time. No complicated set ups and configurations. Just get the plugin and let your visitors share your awesome content In Pinterest. You can add the “pin it” button anywhere on your website using shortcodes, and display it with a widget in the footer part or on the sidebars.


You can also show or hide the “pin it” button for the specific content. There are several button color and size options available that you can choose from.

Twitter Plugin

You can enhance the reach of your content with Twitter plugin and easily embed single or multiple tweets on your website. With its help you can also bring videos from Twitter, Periscope and Vine to your posts and pages and customize the way they appear.


The plugin optimally handles the videos embedded from Vine to ensure their flawless performance on your website. You can also add Twitter follow button with a shortcode, widget or by simply pasting your Twitter profile link into any post.

Sumo Me

Sumo Me is a whole package of services that are aimed to encourage social sharing and ultimately drive more traffic to your website. The plugin includes a welcome mat, scroll box, image sharer, highlighter to significantly increase content sharing, and many other functionalities that will come in handy to grow your blog.


Its optimized sharing functionality allows you to easily add Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest buttons to your images and share counts let you see how many times people have shared any of them. The plugin also includes WhatsApp and SMS sharing.

These are the best social media WordPress plugins that are distinguished with their quality, ease of use, and outstanding functionality. If you don’t know which one of them will best fit your website, I suggest you look at your blog’s demographics to see what social platforms your visitors are most active in. It will help you make the right decision and get the most out of it.