How Does The Website Placeit Work?

Placeit is totally known for the mock-ups, logos, design templates, slideshow maker, and animated videos. The website carries thousands of mockups which digital that just take a few seconds to make it.  It gives you the best video slideshow maker and intro maker that you have never seen it before.

Let?s see how Placeit works:

Logo Maker

We can also able to make or create a logo for some brands, personal or for e-commerce sites on Placeit. Let?s get a look at how can we do that:

  • Go to the Logos section on Placeit website for best logo design and start typing your brand name in the field and under this just select your industry.
  • The website will then show you various logo options where you can customize the color, size etc. of your logo brand, and the site will do the same as per your customization of logo suggestions based on the colors, size, and many more items you choose.
  • Customize the different tools of the logo where you can choose the text, font, background color, and frame, size, effects, etc. depending on how you want the logo to appear at the final stage.
  • After doing it all the things just save and download your logo. Hit the Download button and purchase the logo as per your subscription model.

Video Maker

Everyone love videos and when it comes to making videos, Placeit offers thousands of video templates that are carefully designed by professional no matter which one you pick for your videos every template comes with high-quality graphics. This path is perfectly suited for retailers to promote their latest or upcoming products or brand. Let?s see how we can do that:

  • Get started by going to the Videos section of the site. Choose the type of video you?d like to create (e.g., brand promotions, Instagram Stories, product demos, intro template, etc.). Let?s choose to create an Instagram video.
  • Browse for the library of Placeit for video templates and select one to work with.
  • Modify the template for your brand and when you select your template, you can tailor various components of the video, including the time frame, text, colors, images, playback speed, and many more. You can also add or delete new video slide as well.
  • After doing all the modification, download the video and you can also buy the copyright of that particular video which you made it just like other tools of Placeit at $8.

Mockup Generators

Placeit offers hundreds of product mockups to choose from the website of his own where you can place your images and designs as present merchandise.

  • Just go to the mockups generator section and click on the ?Mockups? link at the top-left corner of the website and then select the type of mockup that you?d like to create according to your niche. The website also helps you choose from a handful of mockups, including logos, T-Shirts, hoodies, leggings, mugs, tote bags, and more.
  • When you?ve finally selected the type of mockup template you need, you can browse through the library of Placeit designs and templates. Suppose if you?re creating T-Shirt mockup, Placeit has templates featuring different models and environments according to the latest trends. You can even upload your images as well on your T-shirt.
  • Once you?re done with all the final designs and specification, you can choose to download with or without a watermark but you need to pay for each image when it comes with without watermark.