Top Benefits of Magento Design Platform

Magento is a PHP-based, open-source platform for eCommerce websites and apps. It’s grown in popularity since its release nearly a decade ago, and is now an anchor of the eCommerce software platform market. There are many good reasons to consider using the Magento design platform for your next online store or website. The fact that Magento is open-source means that advanced users are able to access, peruse, and modify its code to their liking. Magento works well for stores with a lot of inventory and customer information, as it uses MySQL to create and store large, scalable databases. Read ahead to discover the top benefits of using the Magento design platform.

Open Source Licensing

The fact that Magento is open-source software has lead to the platform attracting a large user-base and plenty third-party developers. This means there’s plenty of documentation online for any issue you may come across while using the software. There are also tons of themes, plugins, and frameworks that have been built or customized for use with the platform. Magento is based on the open-source Zend Framework, and uses open-source JavaScript libraries for its front-end. This software is perfect for anyone on a budget or for users who appreciate access to source codes. There is also an enterprise edition with additional features and support for larger stores and users with more room in their development and hosting budget.

Mobile and SEO Factors

Magento is a well-established eCommerce platform for many online stores and has proven its ability to improve virtually any site’s search engine optimization. This server-side platform was coded with SEO in mind, and uses indexing, meta-tags, and valid, bug-free coding to make sure your content is discovered and listed by all the major search engines.

Desktop users aren’t the only customers who will find and love your Magento-based website or store. Magento is great for mobile design, and works well on any device; including those with touch screen input and unusual display sizes. The lightweight interface and efficient database structure used by Magento will help mobile users shop on your site without a hitch.

WordPress Integration

Many website and blog owners are already established with WordPress hosting and sites when they discover the Magento platform. Thanks to a few select plugins, however, there’s no need to abandon your WordPress site to create a Magento-based store. Plugins like WordPress Integration will help you merge the two platforms for a robust development and design environment. This is an ideal solution for those with WordPress hosting who wish to start an online store.

Third-Party Development

As mentioned, WordPress isn’t the only third-party software that can be integrated with the Magento platform. Developers have created paths between the popular eCommerce platform and other platforms including eBayPayPal, and Google Shopping. Using multiple platforms to display and sell your merchandise and process payments can help you greatly expand your store’s reach.

Security Benefits of Magento

Another area you’ll notice benefits in with the Magento design platform is in online security. Magento allows you to collect and process financial information from users through an SSL-secured connection. Information is then stored in secure SQL databases with customizable access controls. Online shoppers trust the Magento name and the technologies used by the platform, so you won’t need to spend any time convincing your users that their shopping experience is safe and secure.

Advanced Store Controls

The store you will set up using the Magento design platform is virtually infinitely customizable. With hundreds of settings and options built-in to the platform, you’ll be able to quickly build a store using the default settings, or take your time to create a unique eCommerce hub for your website or app. Back-end controls like design options, access and user options, and global site preferences aren’t the only advanced settings available through Magento. Front-end users will appreciate the advanced filtering and search functions of Magento, allowing for the quick sifting-through of large inventories and advanced cart options. Users will be able to view similar products to the ones in their cart, compare two or more items in your store, and perform searches with convenient filters and options. Magento’s tagging system will allow you to create a powerful and easy to use catalog of all your store’s items.

There are a lot of reasons to use Magento design platform for your next eCommerce project. With a decade of field-testing by thousands of online stores and developers, Magento has stood the test of time. The platform uses the most secure protocols and technologies to give you and your users a peace of mind during financial transactions. Mobile users will appreciate the platform’s wide-ranging compatibility. As a popular eCommerce platform, Magento offers tons of third-party plugins, themes and other software. If you need a secure online store with MySQL and advanced front-end and back-end controls then you should definitely consider using the Magento design platform.