Top 7 Reasons to Learn React JS as a Developer

What is React JS?

Created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer working for Facebook, it was adopted in 2011 and 2012 for Facebook and Instagram respectively. It is basically an open source JavaScript library that creates user interfaces for single page applications. Developers get to create large web applications with it without the need for reloading the pages.

React JS makes it all fast, reliable and expansible User Interface components meant for web and mobile apps. You can use it with a combination of other JavaScript frameworks too.

Key Features of React JS

Facebook uses it and so does Instagram, giving us a glimpse of why it has become the developerís top choice.

  • JSX

It has a syntax similar to XML/HTML used by React JS. Acronym for JavaScript XML, it lets text identical to XML/HTML work for you. It boosts performance while making our application powerful.

  • Clarity

When compared to plain JavaScript, here the applications built are simple and easy to code. React JS has a component-based approach with different lifecycle methods making it easier for you to learn.

  • Unidirectional Data Flow

React JS follows one-way data binding which gives you better control over the application. It adds flexibility and increased efficiency of the application.

  • Easy to Test

The testability feature of React JS is a big plus. It makes the debugging of the applications easy as one can easily manipulate the components and evaluate the output.

  • Easy to Learn

Compared to other JS frameworks learning React JS is effortless. All you need is the basic knowledge of programming, prior knowledge of HTML and of JavaScript.

Top 7 Reasons to Learn React JS

Facebook is aggressively pushing React JS and working on newer technologies that will make React JS even more impressive in performance.

Today, it has transformed how web applications are built. The recent release of a new package manager promises even better performance measures. With Facebook continually working on its improvement and companies like PayPal, Airbnb, Tesla, Uber and many more adopting it, landing a good job will get a lot easier with React training.

Looking to enhance your front-end skills as a developer, joining a React JS course is a perfect choice. We give you 7 reasons for this.

  • Best in terms of Implementation

Simple, yet effective React JS works well with robust implementations as well. Its built-in state is easy to use and understand. Developed applications survive all kinds of litmus tests.

  • Getting Started with WebPack is Seamless

Adding to the power of WebPack, React JS has made it all very interesting. It optimises various functions for you in an impressive way. With it, you will experience fewer HTTP requests making the web applications more responsive and fast.

  • Simplifies Coding

React JS can be a replacement for complex JS code bringing in simplicity and insight in the coding. A plethora of data elements is what it brings to you. Furthermore, it makes debugging faster too.

  • Do it Small, Do it Right

That is another good thing about React JS. It lets you create the view layer as per your requirement without having to deal with ideas unrelated to the view layer.Also, you can develop small applications and test those without having to worry about re-writing the code.

  • Avail the Full Power of JavaScript

You can get all the power and benefits of JS along with HTML features with React JS. It makes the templating part of the application development genuinely intuitive. It does it with JSX right opposite of other frameworks.

  • Pure Functional Components of React JS

Its functional components are easy to understand that means it gives the same output when the input is similar. During the development stage when you set different variables set to different values, it can cause a variety of problems. With React, it is never the case.

  • Great Developer Tools

It has all the developer tools that are vital for any developer to get started. It also has a feature that makes live reloading possible. In simpler terms, it means that with the changes in CSS, the page is automatically updated.
React JS makes developing applications valuable and satisfying. Learning it can be an unbeatable way to evolve your career and gain a professional edge.