Top 3 Time Tracking Software for Your WordPress Site

The end goal of any business is to make the most of their productive hours and turn a profit. The integration of time tracking software on WordPress sites can help you leverage the productivity of your business. Various time tracking software is available today, and companies are incorporating it into their daily processes to increase efficiency and make the most of their time. Presently, around 25% of companies around the globe use time-tracking software for business.

This software has various applications, and depending on the nature of your business, some are especially helpful. For instance, business firms can evaluate the estimated time it takes to complete the individual parts of a project, helping them to offer an accurate quote to their clients.

What can you achieve with time tracking?

Leading developers have come up with a number of sophisticated time-tracking software for WordPress sites, assisting in payroll management, maintaining better workflow, and cutting expenses. These tools can also be beneficial for efficient client billing and reducing unplanned employee absences. They come in handy with project management and producing employee timesheets, too. When you choose the software for your WordPress site, pick a tool that is easy to use, able to export reports, and can print them.  This enables users to share them and create backups easily.

Here are the top 3 scheduling and time-tracking products for your WordPress site.


Ximble is a powerful employee scheduling and time tracking tool that comes with a set of powerful features. It provides a seamless solution for scheduling employees, tracking their working hours and generating payroll reports while being able to integrate with other popular third party tools thereby increasing business productivity. The software is user friendly, and businesses can implement it for a variety of purposes. The most important benefit of this software is that it can save a great deal of money for a company. On average, companies save around $5,000 per year on workforce tasks per person when using Ximble.

Key benefits:

  • Ximble reduces the time for scheduling and discards the need for complicated and rigid spreadsheets in Excel, as well as other similar tools.
  • It provides employees the ability to have more control over their schedules through self-management resulting in boosted morale
  • It enhances communication and strengthens business operations with ximbleChat, the integrated chat feature
  • Coordinate schedules quickly and gain employee input in the process
  • Scheduling conflicts are eliminated with employee working parameters
  • Employees are notified through email, SMS and push notifications keeping staff informed and updated
  • Ximble has a clear and intuitive layout, which makes it easy to use
  • Managers can easily toggle between calendars and manage schedules easily, creating, editing and publishing schedules in mere moments
  • Viewing employees’ schedules across various timeframes, such as daily, weekly, or monthly can be done at a glance
  • Users can view important details from each shift, including date, time, job role, and breaks.
  • Shift swaps, drops and time off requests can be created and responded to in real time within Ximble
  • Accurately track employees’ working hours through the time tracking feature
  • Employees can easily clock in/out, and log shift activities at the tap of a button
  • Payroll reports can be generated in seconds

Important features of the software include auto-alerts for overtime, an auto-scheduler, drag-and-drop scheduling and inline editing. It comes with an integrated timeclock feature and supports a fingerprint scanner. It also supports multiple locations in different time zones.


Toggl is a handy time-tracking software for WordPress websites that can provide detailed insight into the time spent on various tasks. It has become very popular among consultants, small businesses, and freelancers as a cloud-based software that comes with a wide range of features.

Key benefits:

  • The single-click time-tracking feature enables users to start and stop time tracking quickly
  • Businesses can work online or offline using this software. It syncs to the cloud when you get back online
  • Detailed pie charts and bar graphs keep track of the time spent on various activities, and identifies the projects that take more time to be accomplished
  • You can use multiple tags in order to stay on track.
  • The three-stage hierarchy of Toggl makes it easy to organize tasks
  • Data gets backed up every 12 hours and users do not have to pay for sign-ups or terminations
  • The software seamlessly integrates with Basecamp, FreshBooks, and many others
  • It has an easy-to-use interface that works well with WordPress platforms.
  • It is an open source software, allowing users to build third-party integrations

This software has proved to be highly efficient in time tracking, providing a daily breakdown of tasks. Overall, it is economical and provides free plans for teams consisting of up to five users. They can share reports and recive a detailed overview of how they spend their time.


Paydirt is an excellent time-tracking software that determines a business’ clients automatically. It comes with a number of benefits, including easier invoicing, visual overviews, credit card acceptance, and more.

Key benefits:

  • The one-click tracking feature of the software eliminates complicated tracking processes. Users do not need to waste their time navigating around the software. Each task has a start button and they can easily track their time.
  • The software also has a timer feature, enabling users to schedule tasks
  • Users can view the best estimates for each task and evaluate their time. This makes the invoicing process simpler and is great for budgeting
  • It prevents businesses from going into overtime and increases productivity
  • The software sends intelligent reminders to users, which help them stay on schedule

Users can also track time at different locations using Paydirt. For instance, you can track project management times in Basecamp with this software. The visual reports generated by the app are appealing and easy to interpret.

Optimum usage of time is the core priority for every business. It is important to get a robust time-tracking tool for your WordPress website. Choosing one of the aforementioned products will strengthen your business practices. Integrating a powerful scheduling and time tracking software will help you manage employee’s schedules effectively. Choosing a product with dynamic and powerful features that suit your purpose will help your business run smoothly and productively.