Must-Have Plugins for Your Magento E-Commerce Store

Magento is an excellent CMS platform for those looking to start or take their e-commerce store to the next level. However, Magento only lets you manage your e-commerce store with basic features, so you need to download the necessary extensions to enable for you to do more with your site. If youíre looking for some of the best extensions in the game that will make store management that little bit easier, here are a few of the leading extensions available.

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1. SecurePay

Security plays a big role in terms of customers paying for products and/or services online. If your site isnít secure and doesnít display any security tickets, customers will look to buy elsewhere. Assuring that the payment process is completely secure will give your customers peace of mind when they are shopping on your site Ė and SecurePay does exactly that. Itís a simple but mandatory plugin if you are to make your customers feel comfortable when dealing with your website.

2. Magic Zoom

If you sell products that customers want to see the small details of before they purchase, Magic Zoom is a fantastic plugin. Once youíve uploaded certain pictures of your products, youíll instantly give your customers the option to zoom in on the photos so that they can see if itís a product that suits their needs. Magic Zoom is completely free and itís a plugin that could prove to be the difference in securing new custom. These sort of extensions can easily be developed by Bing Digital Magento Agency, should you wish to get a customised version of your own with more features.

3. Yotpo Product Reviews

Itís imperative you display reviews and testimonials on your site these days, otherwise, customers will be put off from buying from your store. Yotpo Product Reviews gives you a chance to get reviews from customers who have purchased products from you previously. Itís an honest plugin that helps you build trust among new customers. Youíre not always going to get positive reviews on your products, but itís being honest that really matters most.

4. Extended Grid

Editing and adding new products isnít much of a chore thanks to Magento anyway. However, if youíre looking to make things easier and edit numerous products at once, Extended Grid is worth its weight in gold. The simple extension will make the admin product list much easier to edit, so you can spend less time editing your products and more time supporting your customers. It comes with simple features like sorting products with the use of a filter, and letting you edit products by their attributes.

The above extensions are some of the most simple but powerful plugins available. They might not do a lot in terms of helping you convert more customers, but what they will do is help you improve the efficiency of website management, and that could be key in taking your e-commerce store forward once more. There are also a number of other interesting extensions likes Advance News Pro and Product Matrix should you want more from your Magento set up.