The Best App for Creating Content Online – Instasize

Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook make it so easy to share photos online, and millions of people use this modern advantage to keep friends and family up to date with whats going on in their daily lives. Smartphones cause an ongoing photography boom in social media, and this makes photo editing apps high in demand. We just came across the most efficient, ‘all in one’ photo editing app that makes editing content for your online platforms quick and easy – say hello to Instasize.

Instasize is an app that gained major popularity when Instagram only allowed users to upload square photos. By incorporating borders, Instasize gave its users the freedom to post photos in their real dimensions. After Instagram changed up its uploading dimensions, Instasize switched its focus to creating tools that would help content creators simplify their editing process. Available for download on both Android and iOS, Instasize has a wide selection of photo filters that fulfill all types of aesthetic needs. Whether you’re looking for more contrast, more brightness, or perhaps or a more vintage feel – there’s a filter on Instasize that will suit your editing needs.

You might be thinking that Instasize could just be another editing app that only resonates with a younger crowd. While the amazing features will definitely appeal to a younger market, Instasize is also the perfect app for someone who is editing photos for the first time. The app is very easy to navigate – users can add filters, fine tune adjustments, add text, resize, and much more all at once. Instasize takes what 3-4 other apps specialize in and simplify the features into one, easy to use, app.

Even if you are not a social media influencer, you still want your posts to look flawless as you share memories and milestones to your friends. Since Instasize has a simple interface that result to amazing effects, you can post more quality content more often. This is good news to busy parents, especially to loved ones from afar who are always excited to see updates. Whether you want to post photos of your kids, the food you make with friends, your trips, or especially, of yourself as you slay your selfie game, a simple run through the filters will make them look even more fantastic. Instasize is easy to tinker around with, and users can choose from 60+ filters that enhance and emphasize colors in every way possible.

Aside from the plethora of photo filters, Instasize is filled with tools that make curating creative content that much easier. The in-app text tool and multiple themed border packs make Instasize your go to app when you’re making an online chronicle; such as your baby’s progress or even your outfits! There are many border designs to choose from, and you’ll find what you need to create a mood for your post. You can resize the photo within the stylish borders, and add a caption or label using the 30-font text tool. All these tools also apply for posting Instagram Stories, making the videos you share even more entertaining to watch.

What makes Instasize truly stand out amongst its competitors is its arsenal of Beauty Tools. The app acts like a digital skincare regimen that you can apply to your selfies. Users can use it to correct skin tones, brush away blemishes, and remove temporary imperfections like those pesky bags under your eyes after a late night. The effects aren’t extremely harsh, giving your selfies a more natural look – the app even comes with a teeth whitener to help polish those pearly whites.

The app is completely free to download and users are offered a free 7 day trial of Instasize premium to experience the full editing power of the app. If you’re looking to bump up your editing skills then the jump to a premium account will cost you a small monthly fee of $4.99. Well worth it if you no longer need the plethora of other follower apps on your phone to edit a single photo.