When a Landing Page Fails and How to Avoid it

It has been written loads about the effectiveness and the advantages of landing pages. Digital marketers claim they have a lot of power adding any online business credibility, attractiveness and professionalism. According to them landing pages are like a business card of online businesses and they can help them survive when the rivalry on digital market is becoming fiercer and fiercer these days.

However, there are as many enthusiasts as opponents of landing pages. The opponents, usually but not always, checked out the tool and realised it neither had increased their sales nor had helped to build brand awareness and confidence of their business. Was it their fault or maybe the concept of landing pages itself is overrated?

When a landing page fails

It is a quite common problem that a landing page does not solve all the problems it supposes to. The business owners feel a bitter taste of failure and instead of admitting they may have done something wrong they prefer to blame the whole idea. Because it is easier to put blame on something else than to try to improve the mistakes made.

Nevertheless, the concept of landing pages cannot be overrated as every day you can find lots of successful online business launches that wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for a landing page. The common mistakes are:

  1. Putting too much unnecessary information
  2. Omitting any of the essential elements of a landing page
  3. Using a downloaded free landing page template which is not compatible with the business
  4. Not caring about the layout or putting the elements in incorrect order
  5. Forgetting about building authenticity identity

These are the most common mistakes that online businessmen usually make. A landing page is not a magical creation that only the chosen ones know how to create. All you need to know is available online but you have to look carefully and don’t try to take the shortcuts.

How to avoid a landing page failure

The truth is that everyone can quickly and easily create a landing page. However, to do it in a proper manner you have to take care of the details. Every single element you put and the way you put it, which is a landing page design, matters. If it is not well thought and planned action your landing page may even harm your business instead of rescuing it. It is worth then to check on regular basis landing page design trends as they can inspire you to create your professional and nice looking landing page.

You have to remember that:

  1. Landing pages should be concise and straightforward. Don’t bore the visitors with too much facts and figures. Nobody, except your mom, won’t read that.
  2. Put all the essential elements of the landing page. The headline, which should be catchy, subheading, benefits, call to action and lead generation form. Not putting any of these increases the risk of failure or even deprives a landing page being actually a landing page. To be sure you do it right you can use a free landing page builder.
  3. Online free templates are not always a bad idea. They are usually a bad idea when used recklessly and when they are not what your business needs. It is almost impossible to create a universal landing page model as its final look depends on too much factors such as type of business, targeted niche or location.
  4. A landing page design matters. People used to think that the content is the most important thing. However, nobody will appreciate the content if they don’t see a nice design first. A landing page design influences the first impression and it is crucial when it comes to whether the visitor decides to buy your product or service or not.
  5. Last but not least – a landing page should build confidence. If the visitors appreciate your landing page and perceive you as an expert in your field it will be more likely that they purchase. To gain a customer you have to show that you and your products or services are worth it.

If you will have in mind all the above your landing page has a great chance to succeed. Truth being told – creating a landing page is not a rocket science. It is just some details and steps to pursue. And if you won’t omit any of them you will give your online business a very powerful tool – a savvy, lucrative and good looking landing page.