5 Viable Tips to Drastically Boost Your Website’s User Experience (UX)

Have you ever found yourself pondering over the secret behind the stellar success of some of the top-level websites? You must have thought about it. As in today’s evolving marketing landscape, your website plays a pivotal role in the success of your business. Among all the marketing efforts you put in order to get your brand visible and noticed to your target audience, the most powerful asset and the centerpiece is your company’s website.

However, due to rapid progression of technology it might happen that your website becomes outdated and lose its power to entice users. Being a startup, companies often invest a huge amount and consideration in making a timeless logo design for their brand yet not focusing enough on putting efforts to maximize their site’s usability. In addition, providing a great user experience is considered to be a backbone of a top-notch website design. Therefore, in this article we have put together a list of 5 viable tips that will help you in boosting your website’s user experience.

Leverage from White Space

To enhance your website user experience, you need to pay heed on how you can make the most of the white space in your website. It is vital to a good website design. It enables you to make your content readable while also allowing users to pay attention on the elements encompassing the text. User’s attention significantly increases by 20 % if you carefully employ white space around the text and titles as stated by Crazy Egg.

White space will help you in creating a fresh and breathable feel to your website if you are able to keep the right balance between what is crucial to convey at the top and encircle that with some space to spotlight the image or text. For instance, paragraph separations, creating lists, subheadings and spaces around images will all assist in creating whitespace.

Optimize Your Website Speed

Users are more likely to get frustrate if the website takes too long to load as in today’s fast-paced work environment people are more inclined towards preferring a website with a quick loading time  rather than spending their crucial time in waiting a site to load. Half of the users anticipate a website to load in 2 seconds or less according to a study done by Akamai.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your entire site is loading quickly as it not only important for your desktop but also a focal point of optimizing for mobile web. Are you contemplating over how you can check and be updated about your website speed? Here is the one-stop solution. With the help of a free Google tool known as Page Speed Tools, you can easily test the speed of your website and optimize it accordingly.

Focus on Educating Users

Are you wondering how this point will add value in creating a good user experience yet enhancing conversions? It is no surprise that users are more likely to seek for right information pertaining to their need at the time they requires it the most. For instance, sharing blog posts on your website with information that benefits the users and stimulates the conversion rate will serve its purpose.

You need to ensure that your website landing page articulately educate users about the product or service value, the benefit it carries and how it will create a positive contribution to their lives. Sharing quality content with your users will ultimately convince them to avail your market offering and not switching to your competitors.

Deploy Well-Designed & Written Headings

Here the key discovery lies in carefully choosing your headings and content as it has the incredible power to either make or break your text. You need to ensure that your title is enriched with keywords that your potential audience are more likely to search for. It is also essential to communicate the intended message to the right audience.

Moreover, search engines preferable give headings more significance as compared to the rest of the content therefore selecting right headings will enable you to guide user’s what they should expect from your website. Also, it will make scanning easier, enhance search visibility and find content that precisely conveys the message.

Ensure Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Design

It is imperative to make your website design responsive and mobile-friendly with the swift advancement in technology. Your website should be easy to navigate regardless of the type of screen through which it is being accessed. Google also gives precedence to a website design that is mobile optimized. Therefore, to increase your site’s usability, you need to make certain that you provide users a good viewing experience no matter what device they choose to access your website.

The takeaway

From the struggle of going through creating a quick and pleasant browsing experience to make your content crisp, captivating yet interesting, it is indispensable that you invest considerate efforts and time to boost your site’s user experience. Remember that a poor user experience will ultimately lead to poor conversion rates which will undermine your business success.  I hope with the help of above-mentioned tips, you can create a remarkable experience for users and positively engage them with your business.