4 Tips For Landing More Crypto Partners For Your Blog

With crypto as the next gold rush in tech right now, it’s no wonder that everyone is flocking towards trying to get their piece of the pie. Not only is it one of the most exciting innovations we’ve seen in awhile, but an entirely new ecosystem that is laying out a foundation for years to come. And if this is something that is of interest to you, then there are a few things you should be mindful of when trying to land more crypto partners. Check them out below:

Study Projects That Excited You

If you’re going to be writing about crypto, then one of the first things you need to do is study what projects excite you and why. As a relatively new phenomenon, this is an industry that a lot of different entrepreneurs are trying to find a use case for blockchain, which some are accurate while others might be missing the mark.

However, as only time will tell how successful these companies will actually be, it’s important to go with what you’re passionate with off the bat. Because as noted by Coinschedule, with $3.8 billion invested ICOs last year, this is something that is still very much the wild west, which you should be excited to be a part of.

In looking at what projects intrigue you, there are a few different approaches you could take. The first would be along the lines of what you would consider being financially successful one day. For example, TrustToken has a model that seeks to add stability to the market, which could be something that will take off.

The second route is going with a more altruistic approach, what you’d look at as a passion project or “ones to watch.” Try to find a balance between the two, as they both would be excellent clients to work with long term.

Become A Help For The Token Sale Process 

As one of the most crucial aspects of any crypto company’s fundraising, having a successful token sale is a must. As noted by Bitcoin Market Journal, approximately 65 percent of all ICOs fail, which while we love talking about the huge numbers of fundraising rounds, is a pretty significant statistic. Make no mistake; for a lot of these crypto companies to reach those massive token sales, they’ve had to sacrifice some pay during the process. And if you’re new to acquiring some crypto clients, taking part in the token sale process is a must.

To begin, ask yourself how much cash you’re going to need versus how much of tokens you’re willing to take on. While it’ll be much easier to acquire work for tokens, be mindful that a lot of the times these are vested for a certain period of time, so this better be something you’re willing to put in the long term investment for.

Additionally, look at the value you can provide this business, including what type of content would be smart to partner on per the problem they’re trying to solve with the blockchain. Because no matter if it’s credit lending or asset management, the crypto projects you work on should be something that you feel confident you can write about and create content that helps convince people to buy into the sale.

Know What Topics Tie Into Crypto 

While hopping on the crypto wave can sound advantageous, it’s also an industry that you’re going to need some consistency regarding your execution. To offer this, you’re going to have to look at the problems that are being solved by crypto, as well as why that’s good for the mainstream to understand.

For example, as noted by Entrepreneur, 20 to 30 percent of revenue for a business is lost due to inefficiencies, which the blockchain could help tremendously. Start asking yourself what topics could be transformed via crypto; no matter if it’s exploring how echecks can work with blockchain or how the technology will impact lending, the name of the game is being able to tell a story about it.

Find Stories You’re Interested In Telling For Years To Come 

Finally, as this is just the origin for many blockchain companies, this is your opportunity to be a part of writing the beginning of crypto’s story. No matter if you think it’s going boom or bust, this is a pretty interesting time to be a writer in tech, and one that you should embrace.

Furthermore, the success rate of fundraising in crypto is consistently getting better too, because as noted by Hacked, with $8.55 million raised on average in October of last year alone, we’re already at a place of seeing more success than the average tech company. Find the stories you love in crypto and go after them, as that passion will provide you with the most success long-term.

What are some crypto companies you’d love to work with? Comment with your answers below!