4 Rules for Winning More Business through Your Blog

Canít seem to get the results you want from all your blogging efforts? Before you wave the white flag, you might want to rethink your strategy first. Many bloggers make the mistake of creating posts just for the sake of it. What you want is to have direction whenever you craft content for your audience. The truth is, blogging effectively can win you more business. Stick to these four rules to get the most out of each blog post.

1. Stop your pushy sales tactics

Even if you want to sell a product or service through your blog, you must be careful not to be overly promotional. Pushy sales tactics are a surefire way of turning off potential customers. While your goal should be to generate leads and turn them into real customers, your blog posts should be geared toward helping your audience solve their problems.

You donít want to make the mistake of writing blogs for your company instead of your readers. It pays to remember that visitors always want to know whatís in it for them. They could care less about your sales messages. Try creating a buyer persona to help turn an otherwise boring blog into something more vivid and engaging.

†2. Adopt a conversational tone

Are you still sending automated responses to your online audience? Donít be surprised when you see many of your followers hit the unsubscribe button. Nobody wants to chat with a robot. These days, online users expect a more personalized response to their feedback or queries.

The same thing applies to your blog posts. The corporate tone doesnít do you any favors. Start using a more conversational tone, as if youíre talking to your readers in person. When reviewing your draft, remove words you donít use when talking to someone. Passive voices should be kept to a minimum. And if your post contains large blocks of text, break them down into smaller chunks for easier reading.

3. Create an enticing intro and a concise conclusion

You already know how important headlines are, but donít forget about your introduction and conclusion paragraphs. With a ton of bloggers vying for the same set of eyes, you need to offer a piece of content that captures the attention of readers.

A seductive opening paragraph can keep readers glued to their screens. Some simple tricks include empathizing with the struggles of the readers, promising them that theyíll receive advice to end their problems, and compelling them to try your straightforward tips.

When it comes to the conclusion of your blog post, you shouldnít simply summarize all the points you have made. Use this space to inspire readers to take your advice and act on it. Providing effective ways to solve the problems of your readers is an effective way of enticing them to keep coming back to your blog.

4. Build an email list

If you havenít started building an email list, you should do so right now. Not everyone who chances upon your blog will remember it, no matter how great your content is. But with a simple email opt-in form, you create a connection between your blog and the readers, a relationship that may last several years if you follow through with excellent content.

Donít hesitate to tell why visitors should sign up. You can also offer freebies such as an e-book or e-course to give them an incentive. And of course, be sure that your subscribers receive what they deserve Ė content thatís worthy of their time.

Itís easy to say that blogging drives more business, but the truth is that it is hard work. Not only do you need writing skills, but you must craft your posts with the best interests of your audience in mind. By following these four rules, your blogs should start generating more quality leads.