What People Look For in the Best Dating Apps

People are always looking for companionship, and the world can be a lonely place, so it makes sense that dating apps are incredibly popular. While there is a huge potential user base for dating apps, it can be a challenge to develop a dating app that is successful as Tinder or Bumble, but it is possible.

There are certain things that users expect out of a quality dating app, and including those features will be sure to make the app a success. We’re going to discuss some of the more crucial things that people look for in the best dating apps. By the end of this guide, you should know exactly what you need to do to make your dating app a success.

Ease of Use

The most crucial thing to do is ensure that your dating app is as user-friendly as possible. A dating app with a clunky interface will do nothing more than drive away potential users. Apps like Tinder have succeeded because of their simple swipe interface that takes a lot of the work out of online dating.

When you keep a dating app simple, you ensure that you wonít end up boring the user. A bored dating app user will likely hop over to the next app on their phone. A minimalistic interface will usually go a long way towards making a dating app easier to use, but if it gets too minimalistic, then it will be tough to navigate, so you have to walk a fine line.

A Large User Base

When people look for a quality dating app, they want to be sure that they won’t be seeing the same people over and over again. A small user base will lead to more users leaving, and it will create a death cycle for the typical dating app, so you’ll have to take steps to ensure that the number of users is always growing.

Promotions and ads are crucial to keep new users coming in, but youíll also have to retain those users once they arrive. This is why itís important to be careful when you first start monetizing your dating app, as you wonít want to scare away potential new users with hefty fees.

Reasonable Monetization and Pricing

Deciding on the right monetization strategy for a dating app is crucial, as that can determine whether your app lives or dies. Most apps will use the tiered approach, in which free users have the least features available to them, and premium subscription-based users have access to expanded functionality.

This method will help you keep the number of users high while you also make money off of those who pay a subscription.


Creating a quality dating app is a challenging task that requires you to strike a fine balance between the pricing and the number of users. We hope that our advice has helped you take the first steps toward developing a thriving dating app.