Showcase of Sun Logos Design Examples

A logo is simply an image, a symbolic representation or a visual icon which is designed to signify a business. However, the sun is also a popular symbol of heat, energy, and power. The following logos come from a variety of industries, from beverages to television networks to solar energy, but they all use the sun as a central image.

The sun gives us the natural light that we see each time we look out in the open during the day. So, here are the best sun logo designs for your inspiration. If you like this post, share it with your friends through email and social networks.

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1. All 4 You Travel

All 4 You Travel

2.†Health and Care

Health and Care

3.†Idea Farm

Idea Farm

4.†Radity Logo

Radity Logo

5.†Centro Spesa Cucchi

Centro Spesa Cucchi

6.†Setting Sun

Setting Sun



8.†Sugoi Store Logo Design

Sugoi Store Logo Design

9.†PhotoSafari Club

PhotoSafari Club







13.†Sun Litho

Sun Litho

14.†Polish Golf Union

Polish Golf Union

15.†Caribbean Quarters

Caribbean Quarters



17.†Sun TV

Sun TV

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