20+ Outstanding Postcard Designs for Inspiration

A Postcard is a direct marketing solution for companies. Postcards have in some ways become a lost art. Their was a time when the postcard was an extremely popular way of communicating simple messages. Nowadays days postcards mostly used in wedding invitations or promotional pieces. It has really become a nice and useful method to promote any event, project or cause. So in today’s post I have collected some really creative and beautiful print postcard designs for your inspiration needs. Have a look to these great postcard designs.

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Postcards – Holiday Greetings

5. Postcard Design – Triumph Int

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8. 2012 Southeast Tech Portfolio Show Campaign

2012 Southeast Tech Portfolio Show Campaign

9. Mymo – Postais Promocionais

Mymo – Postais Promocionais

10. Yoga Postcard Design

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11. Free Postcard Design

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12. Postcard Flyer

Postcard Flyer

13. LOA+DS At The Lighthouse Exhibition Guide

LOA+DS At The Lighthouse Exhibition Guide

14. Operation Wallace Promotional Postcard Design

Operation Wallace Promotional Postcard Design

15. Creative Postcard Design

Creative Postcard Design

16. Signal No.1 – Postcard Design

Signal No.1 – Postcard Design

17. HUB Postcards

HUB Postcards

18. Friends Don’t Let Friends

Friends Don’t Let Friends

19. Indiestory 2010 Promotion Postcard

Indiestory 2010 Promotion Postcard

20. Postcards – Photo frame

Postcards – Photo frame

21. AIGA Join Us Campaign

AIGA Join Us Campaign