20 Outstanding Postcard Designs for Inspiration

A Postcard is a direct marketing solution for companies. Postcards have in some ways become a lost art. Their was a time when the postcard was an extremely popular way of communicating simple messages. Nowadays days postcards mostly used in wedding invitations or promotional pieces. It has really become a nice and useful method to promote any event, project or cause. Another easy way to create professional looking postcards, business cards, posters and online brochure printing at UPrinting. So in today’s post I have collected some really creative and beautiful print postcard designs for your inspiration needs. Have a look to these great postcard designs.

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1. Dough Postcards

Dough Postcards

2. NYSDA Postcard Design

NYSDA Postcard Design

3. Postcards – Holiday Greetings

Postcards - Holiday Greetings

4. Postcard Design – Triumph Int

Postcard Design - Triumph Int

5. Postcard Design

Postcard Design

6. In Pieces

In Pieces

7. 2012 Southeast Tech Portfolio Show Campaign

2012 Southeast Tech Portfolio Show Campaign

8. Mymo – Postais Promocionais

Mymo - Postais Promocionais

9. Yoga Postcard Design

Yoga Postcard Design

10. Free Postcard Design

Free Postcard Design

11. Postcard Flyer

Postcard Flyer

12. LOA+DS At The Lighthouse Exhibition Guide

LOA+DS At The Lighthouse Exhibition Guide

13. Operation Wallace Promotional Postcard Design

Operation Wallace Promotional Postcard Design

14. Creative Postcard Design

Creative Postcard Design

15. Signal No.1 – Postcard Design

Signal No.1 - Postcard Design

16. HUB Postcards

HUB Postcards

17. Friends Don’t Let Friends

Friends Don't Let Friends

18. Indiestory 2010 Promotion Postcard

Indiestory 2010 Promotion Postcard

19. Postcards – Photo frame

Postcards - Photo frame

20. AIGA Join Us Campaign

AIGA Join Us Campaign

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