25 Stunning Magazine Style Website Designs

Magazine style layouts are very popular for blogs and news sites that publish high volumes of content. As a part of designing websites with new look and feel, magazine styled websites are gaining momentum. Most magazine style web design are grid based as it makes the design more attractive and much more technically balanced. Another easy way to design exceptional websites today is to use the best website builder available for everyone with an easy to use friendly interface.

So here, in this time I’m going to share with you very attractive magazine style website designs for your inspiration. I hope it will help you to get some ideas for your next project. Enjoy!

1. OT Magazine

OT Magazine

2. Glamour Paris

Glamour Paris

3. BMI Voyager

BMI Voyager

4. The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe

5. Squared Pixel Magazine

Squared Pixel Magazine

6. WWD


7. The Style Spy

The Style Spy

8. Relevant Magazine

Relevant Magazine

9. Wedding Style

Wedding Style

10. Proxart


11. Burbujas Magazine

Burbujas Magazine

12. Ugsmag


13. Vulture


14. Hai Online

Hai Online

15. The Times

The Times

16. The Brief

The Brief

17. Engadget


18. San Fransisco

San Fransisco

19. Melbourne Geek

Melbourne Geek

20. RDB Magazine

RDB Magazine

21. Livestrong


22. Pacsun Music

Pacsun Music

23. Slate Magazine

Slate Magazine

24. GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine

25. Hmag


Hope you will learn with these amazing magazine style website designs. Feel free to share your comments with us.

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  1. The beauty of Magazines is their way of attracting the viewers engage with it…and these Magazine inspired site collections are simply such kind

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