20+ Interesting Bookshelf Designs

If you are a person who reads a lot you know you need to have a way to organize your books and put them into shelves. Managing the books is also a technique and in this regard bookcase and bookshelf are playing very important and wonderful role. So, in this post I have collected very creative bookshelf designs for your inspiration. This collection will help you to feed your imagination with fresh and creative ideas from furniture design range. You would be shocked to see how a piece of furniture can look so cool and efficient at the same time. So check them out and get inspired!

1. Home Made Bookshelf

Home Made Bookshelf

2.†Bookworm Bookshelf

Bookworm Bookshelf

3.†Knowledge Tree

Knowledge Tree

4.†Flw Shelving System

Flw Shelving System

5.†Design Bookshelves

Design Bookshelves



7.†Egg Crate Bookshelf

Egg Crate Bookshelf

8.†Cool Bookshelves Design

Cool Bookshelves Design

9.†Console Bookshelves

Console Bookshelves



11.†Branca Bookshelf

Branca Bookshelf

12.†Dove Bookshelf

Dove Bookshelf

13.†PUZZLE Modular Bookshelf System

PUZZLE Modular Bookshelf System

14. Pallet Shelf

Pallet Shelf



16.†Cardboard Bookshelf

Cardboard Bookshelf

17.†Sartia – Bookshelf

Sartia - Bookshelf

18.†Best Bookworm Bookshelf

Best Bookworm Bookshelf

19.†Arrow Bookshelf

Arrow Bookshelf

20.†Tilted Bookshelf

Tilted Bookshelf

21.†Rope Bridge Shelf

Rope Bridge Shelf



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