25 Inspirational Examples of Unusual Web Designs

Designing a website is an art that designers do supernaturally with ideas. Unusual web design might be difficult to design for any designer. Start from scratch, you will be required to be bold to dare some unusual layouts. Therefore, you can be outstanding in this overwhelming information era. Content must be the one to speak, but packing is also important. So, in this post I’m featuring some brilliant and creative websites with unusual layouts.

This collection is comprised of websites offering many different services/merchandise. They’re colorful, funny, artistic and more. Later, you can visit the gallery with a number of creative and unusual layouts. They are unquestionably very inspiring and memorable. If you like these websites you might also want to check out our previous post below: typography web designs, hotel web designs and community websites.

1. Marc Anton Dahmen Architecture

Marc Anton Dahmen Architecture

2. Not Forgotten Movie

Not Forgotten Movie

3. Moocup


4. Narrow Design – Nick Jones

Narrow Design - Nick Jones

5. Loyselstoy


6. Carsonified


7. Sergio Calderon

Sergio Calderon

8. Seagulls Fly

Seagulls Fly

9. Eutem.com


10. Okaydave


11. HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness

HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness

12. Marlous de Roode

Marlous de Roode

13. Rodgerstownsend


14. Batman 3d

Batman 3d

15. No-Method


16. Creative Capital

Creative Capital

17. CL Designz

CL Designz

18. Grip Limited

Grip Limited

19. Real-Visuals


20. James Warfield

James Warfield

21. Archfirm


22. Stripes – Freelance Web Designer

Stripes - Freelance Web Designer

23. Ian Wharton

Ian Wharton

24. Digital Podge

Digital Podge

25. Amore


We hope you’ve been amazed and inspired by these great web designs and we would love to hear your opinions in the comments!