15 Cool WordPress Blogs Showcase

WordPress is certainly of the most popular Open Source Content Management System (CMS). There are some great blogs that are 100% dedicated to the WordPress cause. So today, I’m going to share with you some of the best WordPress blogs that have written many wonderful and insightful articles with various tips. Hope these resources that will help you improve your WordPress experience.

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1. WordPress Planet

On this site you can download and install a software script called WordPress. To do this you need a web host who meets the minimum requirements and a little time.

WordPress Planet

2. WPCandy

One of the best WordPress blogs out there.  It’s chock full of news, resources, theme and plugin reviews the list goes on.  Not to mention it sports the best logo ever!


3. Theme Lab

Theme Lab is provide to be a source of quality free WordPress themes for WordPress bloggers all around the world.

Theme Lab

4. WP Engineer

WP Engineer was created by 3 WordPress Junkies, who love WordPress. WP Engineer team are always try to show ways to make WordPress a little bit better, more convenient, more flexible or in short.

WP Engineer

5. TutorialChip

TutorialChip is a blog focusing on providing the highest quality resources, articles, roundups, tutorials and inspiration for creative fields.


6. Pro Blog Design

Pro Blog Design is a blog for WordPress users and web designers who want to design better blogs.

Pro Blog Design

7. WPDesigner

Wpdesigner.com is a blog focused on developing WordPress themes and improving your blog’s performance through code and design tweaks.


8. Weblog Tools Collection

Weblog Tools Collection is the effort of a group of guys with a common love for everything WordPress.

Weblog Tools Collection

9. We Love WP

A design gallery that only showcases sites built on WordPress.  It’s inspiring to see the multitude of ways people utilize this platform.

We Love WP

10. GraphicsBeam

GraphicsBeam is an online design magazine which provides daily articles on all thing creative and design.


11.  iThemes

iThemes.com offers a variety of interesting WordPress themes you might find of interest.


12. WPRecipes

From the Cats Who Code team, WP Recipes delivers some of the most awesome WordPress tricks and secrets that will definitely help you master WP.


13. DesignDune

DesignDune.com is a design blog which targets to solve the problems of  web developers, designers and audiences from similar other professions.


14. DigWp

Digwp is an active blog dedicated to wordpress, and created by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr really give some great tips on customizing your blog.


15. Themeshaper

Themeshaper.com is a great resource for everything about WordPress Themes.


Also if you know about some other cool sites that was not included, just leave us a a comment so we can review it, thanks for stopping by and we will see you in our next post.