Best CompTIA Certifications

CompTIA provides series of certification courses to cover a spectrum of skills required to stand as a top notch expert. An announcement was made by this leading vendor in August 2012 for adding performance based questions to already existing (traditional, situational and identification type) questions of its most valued certification; CompTIA A+. The certification is an entry level certification which proves an individualís skills and expertise of installing, maintaining and optimizing personal computers and validates a Computer service professionalís knowledge.

CompTIA A+ certification in the past had a life time durability which happened to change in 2011. This wasnít a new implementation as certifications change with the change in technology and its requirements. The topics covered by them also change according to the set of requirements of specific devices, similarly understanding the importance of hands on experience and practical approach towards IT industry; CompTIA decided on adding performance based questions to test the skills and build experts in demand. The announcement had a video presentation in September 2012 with title ďCompTIA Exams: The Candidates Experience on YouTubeĒ.

This video was addressed to candidates who planned on acquiring CompTIA A+ Certification, since the changes to be made were specifically for A+ exam. The video on the whole did not deliberately explain the context of the exam, but gave examples of questions that could help develop an understanding of exam format. The video however does provide all the tricks and tips for managing an exam experience and especially when management of questions becomes focus. The addition of performance based questions will also be implemented on CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ exams as well but later in 2013.

CompTIA A+ certification requires clearance of two tests; CompTIA 220-801 and CompTIA 220-802, the details of the two certification exams are as follows:

CompTIA A+ 2201-801 Certification Exam

The 220-801 A+ exam is an integral part of acquiring CompTIA A plus certification and proves an individualís capability of being an entry level IT pros with good skills and knowledge of computer, security, network, as well as set of communication skills. For working in an advanced technical environment the exam equips the candidate with skills of configuring, installing and maintaining computer parts; repairing and replacing laptop components knowledge; printers know how, commands and troubleshooting understanding, SOHO networks installation and configuration knowledge, in depth understanding of security issues.

The exam consists of 100 questions with a given time of 90 minutes to pass the test and id based on linear, fact based, multiple choice and performance based questions. In order to acquire A Plus Certification this exam is the first step and clearance of this test earns you credit towards acquiring the main certification.

CompTIA A+ 220-802 Certification Exam

The 220-802 exam is the extension of the knowledge and skills acquired from the first exam. It validates an individualís capabilities of having hands on understanding for applying tools and troubleshooting in scenarios where the practical approach is required for resolving issues. This certification exam equips an IT pro with in depth technical understanding of computer technology, security and networking. The communication skills acquired through the first exam are mastered with this second exam and results n professionalism.

The exam targets operating systems, mobile devices, security and troubleshooting knowledge. Itís based on 100 questions with the same time and format as the 220-801 exam.

A successful candidate who clears both the exams acquires CompTIA A+ Certification and sets a beginning for a great career. This certification has always been the way for knowing your stuff and when the entire IT industry is in demand of professionals who have skills which are practical then A+ would be your choice. Whichever track you want to trail in future, you can start with this certification and grasp a-bit-of everything knowledge.