7 Superpowers All Successful WordPress Developers Must Have

Many people might not know this, but a WordPress developer’s work is never truly done. The process of updating or creating a site from scratch is rather time-consuming and sometimes even exhausting. To be a successful WordPress developer, one must have a strong set of abilities to help him or her pull through with all the work and the deadlines. One must come up with a site that is efficient and powerful, with experience from an advertising firm to adapt to local users and ensure it is catchy enough to get people’s attention.  Basically, you could say that a truly good developer is a bit of a superhero.

Here are seve superpowers all great WordPress developers must have.

1. Giving Back to the Community

Although a great deal of work might be burdening WordPress developers’ life, they must not forget about taking the time to be benevolent. Usually, the best developers are the ones that nurture their business relationships and realize that this is a complex process. It is a sign of generosity, you might say, to come up with improvements for the WordPress community, like plugins or innovative themes. If you give back to the community, the community will give back to you.

2. Time on Your Side

As with any other profession in the world, the mark of successful developers is often their experience and their time on the market. History speaks for itself and having a long line of clients that are satisfied with your work really puts you on the map. In this line of business, time can only refine a developer’s methods and knowledge – you know how to work with clients, your talent is proven, and you can be on top of the latest trends regarding web design.

3. Enabling Communication with Former Customers

There is nothing more relevant to a potential client than the good review of a former customer. The best way to “connect” them is by uploading the testimonials on your social media pages and your site.

By doing this, it doesn’t only make the client feel a bit more secure about your work, it also helps in promoting “YOU.” If the clients are satisfied, they will usually be very willing to give you positive reviews. Even more, if you truly feel confident about your work, then you can even enable a conversation between the ex and the potential client.

4. A Portfolio that Rocks

Perhaps the superpower that stands out most, your portfolio is your business card in this niche. Nothing is too much when it comes to selecting what it should contain – the range should be as wide as possible. Keep in mind the fact that clients can always check other developers’ portfolios and compare them, so the work in there will be evaluated quite objective. A powerful portfolio should contain examples of how you applied SEO, elements of design and everything else that you find relevant.

5. Knowing What the Client Needs Even Before They Know It

Surprisingly or not, people are happy if the WordPress developer does what they want, but they will be ecstatic if the developer goes beyond that and does some more. Simply put, this is the superpower of guessing your client’s most hidden wishes. The key to achieving this kind of insight in the client’s mind is getting to know your client very well. You are not only the person working for a client, but you are also its active partner. Every piece of knowledge, skill or information should go towards fulfilling the client’s goals.

6. Being Responsive, Ethical and Professional

You might think that these traits come without saying, but you’ll be surprised to find out how often that’s not the case. Needless to say, being all the above and more will make the client enjoy the relationship with you. If you treat the client with respect, he will treat you with respect as well – and the same goes for communicating promptly, honoring the deadlines and being committed to the project. Being truly interested and excited about a client’s project can only send out good vibes.

7. More Than a Developer

As it is with parents, for example, who are also teachers and friends for their child,  a developer must be more than a WordPress expert – they must also have skills or knowledge from other fields. This way, you will manage to complement your work beautifully. This particular trait comes in handy especially when the work needed for the website is complex.

Do you have knowledge of any other superpowers? What impresses you most in a WordPress Developer?