5 Tips to Find the Best WordPress Hosting

So you want to start blogging with WordPress? It’s not unusual for new bloggers to be overwhelmed with the wide range of hosting plans and all of the technical jargon. Every one knows that picking a fast reliable hosting is the first step to a successful site.

Luckily, over the past few years, hosting companies have developed ways for you to easily install WordPress on their servers. They have been some of the best supporters of open source software like WordPress. Even with the advances WordPress and the hosting companies have made it can still be a challenge to find the best host for your blog.

For those who like customer reviews, WordPress Hosting Reviews is a good site that specializes in WP reviews. They have quality editor and user reviews as well as guides and expert advice to help you along the way. They put this list to help you select the best WordPress host.

5 tips for finding the best WordPress host

  1. Features – Check for good features (20+GBs of disk space, unlimited transfer, fast CPU’s, cPanel, lots of databases, emails & domain options).
  2. Tech Support – You really want accessible tech support. When you have a problem, the clock is ticking for a resolution. The better the tech support the quicker the dilemma can be solved. Phone support is best, but chat and support tickets work pretty well.
  3. Company Quality – A company with a good-standing reputation among peers. Find out how old they are, if they have accessible tech support and how much money they make. It can be helpful to gauge how established a companies is so that your site is handled properly.
  4. Servers – Companies that have good servers have less outages and run faster. A good company will upgrade servers for better processors and ram anytime they become obsolete.
  5. Cost – Budget out the cost of your website vs how much money you need it to make you. Put as much as you can toward a good host and it will pay off.


Check out WordPress hosting reviews and make sure your company has good reviews. Your choice in company may take a little while to decide. But, that’s a good thing. Give yourself ample opportunity to learn about the industry and look through tips 1-5 while you browse for the best WordPress hosting company.