5 Ideal Digital Gifts

 If you are still trying to find out the appropriate gift, we are here to help. There may not be enough time to ship your gift to reach the recipient in time for a special day. If it is too late to send your package, there is no need to despair as you can send a digital gift quick and steady. To help you make the most out of your experience, check out the digital alternatives. Here are 5 ideal digital gifts:

1. Digital Caricatures

Digital caricatures are always appropriate to whoever the recipient is. There is a wide range of options to check out for. If you are a procrastinator who is always caught up with time, there is no more need to worry, as you can still have the most appropriate gift to put a smile on a loved one in time for their special day. Artistic interpretation of realistic portraits always does the trick. If the images are of high resolution, they can always be treasured in one’s possession. The best part is that they are funny, personalized impressions, which will guarantee happiness to the owner. Remember that you need a current photo for accurate results. Although the image may vary slightly due to hairstyle changes or weight variations, they can still be accurate impressions to take home.

2. Gift Cards, Certificates, and Vouchers

Stores come with digital gift cards for online shops; so find out where gift recipients like to shop to take advantage of the gift card. For example, if your recipient enjoys gaming, you can choose an Xbox gift card. Luckily, the biggest online retailer, Amazon has many options from eGift cards to Print at Home Gift cards. The recipient can get anything they want from Amazon. If the person owns a Mac, you can choose to get the iTunes gift card, but beware of iTunes gift card scammers. Your recipient can benefit from a wide world of Apple accessories and a host of entertainment options. If you do not have an iOS device, you can always find the app store gift card on Amazon.

Android users, on the other hand, will appreciate a Google play gift voucher, which is also available on Amazon. One of the most popular is the Netflix gift card available from PayPal digital gifts. Others are eBay and Best Buy, which offer a variety of eGift cards.

The summary is that if a website is selling products, they have digital gift options. There is also a high likelihood that you will find it on Amazon. In case you are not aware of the recipient’s likes, hobbies, or devices they own, you may choose one from a matching online store. Even if you do not know their online shopping habits, they will appreciate a gift card. If you are still struggling with choices, find inspiration from Giftly. You can choose what you want from a wide range of options before you select a place. Customize the voucher before paying and send it via email for printing. In case you have no clue what the recipient appreciates, you have the choice to gift them anything at any place. If you are purchasing a gift card for someone abroad, beware that you have limited options and not all gift cards work outside of the U.S.

3. Premium Web Services

Just like online stores, other online services have advanced memberships or subscriptions. Most people are conservative when investing in such services because they feel it is a luxury. This perception is the very reason it is a perfect gift for your recipient. There is no better digital gift than one, which makes them experience better online activities. You, therefore, need to find out the services your potential gift recipients use often. The surprise will be befitting. If they already have a premium subscription. Here are some of the best options;

For media streaming; Netflix (for an unlimited supply of movies), Audible (audiobook gifts with monthly payments), Spotify (for Ad-free music streaming) and Hulu (for unlimited movies and TV series). These are the best entertainment options you have for gifts.

4. Single Digital Gifts

Gift card subscriptions can be boring and uncreative. Luckily, there are many options for less generic and physical gifts. Check out the following alternatives

a. Apps

Apps are appropriate gifts, but you can make them even more personal. By going to iTunes, you can select the app you need to turn into a gift, tap the share icon and on select ‘gift’.  You will be required to sign in with your Apple ID, email address and custom message to make it more personal. You can also choose an appropriate and date for the gift. After ensuring you have it exactly as you want it sent, tap buys to confirm the purchase.

b. Music

If your friend loves music and you are aware of their genre and favorite artists, find a great album for them. Some of the sellers with the option to give music as a gift include; Amazon Music Unlimited, iTunes, and Bandcamp.

5. Monthly subscriptions

Depending on your recipient’s likes, you have a range of options from boxes of beer to bacon. Remember you need something that the person likes. You may only need to pay between $20 and $50 a month to deliver them their favorite goods.