5 Effective Ways to Grow Your WordPress Ecommerce Store

Running an eCommerce business can be incredibly challenging, but once sales begin to pick up and the money rolls in, itís also incredibly rewarding. Growing your store will take some effort and long hours at the helm, but if you follow these five tips for effectively growing your WordPress eCommerce store, youíll be well on your way to online retail success.

Keep reading to learn how these tips can increase sales, target audience, and profits.

1. Switch to POS Software

If youíre using merchant services to operate your site, itís time to use POS systems instead. A good POS system will not only be able to help you improve the security and convenience of your siteís payment processing, but it will also help you control and manage inventory, stay in touch with customers, create marketing materials, and view analytics on site traffic, profits and sales, and much more.

POS software has come a long way in the last decade or so, evolving from simple software used to process payments and manage inventory to an all-in-one business management tool that every business should have. Whether youíre running an online clothing line, beauty store, or book store, a POS system can help revolutionize your site and the business for the better.

Making the switch will mean the difference between an efficient and productive website and one that fades away to nothing. You simply canít beat the incredible features of the modern POS system!

2. Increase Your Social Media Presence

With Instagram boasting nearly one billion users per month, and Facebook hosting nearly a third of the worldís population, itís no secret that social media has become a marketing powerhouse that every business should take advantage of. The best part about using social media to market is that itís usually free to sign up for an account, making your initial investment $0.

If youíre not taking advantage of social media to boost brand awareness and drive site traffic, youíre already a step behind the competition. From paid ad campaigns to influencers to endorsements, social media offers so many opportunities to market your brand that itís nearly impossible not to find a method that fits your needs and your budget.

A good way to start is to interact with the followers/customers you already have. Theyíre your bridge to new customers, so to speak, since they can leave reviews that influence potential buyers to commit to a purchase, and can spread the news about your brand or products via their own social media pages or word of mouth.

3. Focus Marketing

Once youíve decided how to market, you need to know who to market to. If youíve been blanket marketing up to this point, itís time to narrow it down to a more targeted audience. The more focused you are with your marketing efforts, the more effective theyíll be at creating a return on the investment. You canít get blood from a turnip, so to speak, and likewise, you canít get the right customers from marketing to anyone and everyone.

Perform some market research and find out what kinds of people would be interested in your products. What does your competitionís audience look like? What do you offer that they donít? Where do your customers frequent? Which sites are they likely to visit and trust for reviews or suggestions? All of this information is invaluable when creating a more focused and driven marketing campaign to increase your business.

4. A Good Website

If your website doesnít look all that great of function well, youíre in trouble. People tend to click away from websites that crash, malfunction, or otherwise look suspicious in any way. While WordPress offers plenty of great tools to build your own site, sometimes itís just better to go with a professional web designer for the best look.

A good website can mean the difference between a purchase and a disengagement. Professional web designers will be able to add that special touch to the site that you simply canít get if you know nothing about website code. Sure, you can use WordPressís templates to put together the skeleton of a site, but if you really want to stand out, youíll want to hire a designer to maximize your customization options.

5. Follow up on Leads

Leads are potential customers who are about halfway to making a purchase; they just need that extra push in the right direction. Youíd be amazed at how many businesses donít follow up on their leads! Your leads are your best bet for creating new customers, so follow up with them! Whether itís via email, social media, or some other digital means, always follow up with your leads. Otherwise, you end up with a lot of dead-end roads and a business thatís no longer growing.