Web Design Trends You Should Avoid in a Business Website

The way people interact with the web is changing on a daily basis. If you want to keep your visitors happy like Amerisleep.com has been doing, then, you need to be at the top of your game. To remain at the top, you need to use the latest web design trends and avoid old fashioned trends.

Are you aware of the old fashioned trends that need to be avoided? Here are some web design trends that you should avoid in the year 2017 if you want your website to remain at the top.

5 Web Designs Trends to Avoid in the Year 2017

  1. Parallax Scrolling: Parallax scrolling used to be a very useful feature as it allowed foreground and background elements to scroll at different speeds. But, many people find it very difficult to use and hence the popularity of the parallax scrolling has come down. The main problem with parallax scrolling is that your website takes time to load. Slow loading websites have very few takers. Studies show that a website that takes more time to load will not be considered as a good website and it has few visitors. Another drawback of parallax scrolling is that web visitors are turned off.
  1. Flash: Flash was once considered as an essential part of a business website. In those days, designers used Flash to design cool looking animations and the home page of every website contained a Flash animation that was capable of attracting visitors. But, today, it is considered to be an outdated option and Google Chrome no more supports this feature. Therefore, it is very important for designers to say No to Flash animations.
  1. Hamburger Menu: Hamburger menus have been in the business for many years now. They were designed to simplify your website and reduce the clutter, but not anymore. Hamburger menus still look good on your Smartphone and tablets but not on your desktop screen. Therefore, it is better to say goodbye to the hamburger menu and use some other options for your business website.
  1. Background Videos: Way back in 2015, video playing in the background was considered to be an exciting feature and many websites had implemented this feature. The main problem with a background video is that it made reading difficult and hence many users wanted it to be removed from the website. Nowadays, background video is something that needs to be completely ignored.
  1. Carousels: Carousels, also known as slide show, is a thing of the past. A few years back, many web designers used this feature for displaying a lot of information in a small area. The main problem with carousels is that it can slow down your website and that makes visitors unhappy. Due to the overuse of carousels, it gives many websites a cookie cutter appeal. And what’s more, carousels are not good for SEO as well. Therefore, it is something that you need to avoid completely in the year 2017.
  1. Using too many Trends: Designing a trendy website is fine, but including too many trends in one website is not good. If your website contains just trends and has no content, then, people will not visit your website. Designers needs to identify the useful trends to be used in your website and then implement those in the website. It is important not to use more than 2 or 3 trends. A designer needs to be careful when selecting the trends for a business website as that trend needs to match with the business. It is better to use trends that will enhance the user experience and make your business website professional.


Website trends are changing on a daily basis and designers needs to keep the website updated with the latest trends in the market. The web design trends discussed above have passed their prime and it is good to avoid them now.