The Dream Job: Being a Web Designer

If you desire to work as web designer, you need to know that this is a multilateral field of work, that requires a combination of creativity, passion, knowledge, patience and facing new challenges each and every day. Paying attention to details is just part of the deal.

There are different sides of web design that a person who wants to get hired in this domain needs to know about: content, visuals, technology and performance. Even though some clients will require their web designer to combine all these in one single project, you’ll observe that in certain cases one is more important than another. If you desire to follow your dream and learn more about web design, you should consider Forward Pathway. See below a few facts about being a web designer that you might want to know before jumping to conclusions:

Be aware of existing web design trends

In order to successfully work in this field, you need to make sure that you have a mere idea about what the latest trends are, and you are capable of facing the challenges they imply. Some of these trends include:

  • Video visuals are a priority

In the last few years, web designers started to focus their attention on video visuals rather than text or functionality. Of course, a smoothly running website is great, but without the right kind of catchy visuals it won’t have as much impact as it would if a web designer works more on its aspect. Web traffic started to be based entirely on video messages rather than text and companies that do not credit enough attention to videos in their marketing campaigns are making tremendous branding efforts to make themselves known. Websites that feature a lot of video information tend to be more popular.

  • Think mobile first

Since technology is so advanced nowadays, people are always in a hurry and devices are all around, a web designer needs to be capable of thinking how a certain website template or app would look on a mobile phone. Because each and every one finds it much comfortable to check their email or blog from their phones, it is relevant to think of a website’s appearance on mobile first.

Inspiration, technology and motivation

Besides being able to think in perspective and conceive an idea out of nothing, you’ll also have to rethink existent projects. Using web design tools is part of the job too. You’ll have to be friends with technology in order to perform in this field, especially when it comes to typography, stock photos/graphics, infographics, photography editors, prototyping and so on.

Without being able to handle all that technology means, you might encounter some issues in the long run, meaning that you’ll need to catch up. Going through a training period will most likely solve the deed, but it’s up to you and your motivation whether you will succeed at this job or not. The decision is yours to make.