Building A Website for Sneakerheads? What Types of Shoes You Should Write About

Blogging is one of the many things that the Internet has breathed life into. It is basically the process of producing content – be it video or text or images, or even just audio in the case of podcasts – on a particular topic. Some content creators have become so successful that their blogs have become their major sources of income.

The topics that any blogger (the term used to refer to people who do blogging) can write about are limitless. There are bloggers who write about sex. There are those who focus on cars and machines. There are those who zero in on cooking. Bloggers can basically tackle anything under the sun, just as long as they can have a potential audience.

Now, if you want to start a blog and your interest is athletic shoes, it will work to your advantage if you focus first on shoes that have high probabilities of getting noticed. By doing so, you will not find it that hard to promote your blog. You can even generate organic traffic just by doing on-page optimization and avoiding the more aggressive SEO techniques. Go to if you want to learn more about this.

Which shoes should you first focus on?


Modern people are becoming more and more aware of the role of sneakers in making fashion statements. We’re sure you’ve already seen female celebrities wearing bulky sports sneakers together with their sexy outfits such as dresses, jumpsuits, and tank tops. As for the popular men in showbiz, you probably have seen them rock some sneakers as part of their semi-formal ensembles.

Because such people are influencers, you can expect their followers to try and copy their style. True enough, searches for lifestyle sneakers are among the highest on Google and other search engines. This type of shoe is very popular that you are almost assured an eager audience when you write about them on your blog.

Basketball Shoes

Although basketball shoes are for performance and therefore replete with complex technologies for running and jumping, they still have not lost their appeal on the fashion-savvy. After all, basketball shoes are often associated with basketball stars such as LeBron James and Stephen Curry, who of course are influential not only on the court but also off of it.

Increasing the basketball shoes’ attractiveness is the fact that they are usually done up in lively colors that make statements or tell the stories of the players that they are associated with.

As is the case with sneakers, the clamor for basketball shoes also seems to be incessant. After all, we have a new NBA season each year, and the success stories and interesting events that unfold on the court with the period create the buzz that draw people not only to the sport but also to the shoes associated with it.


The recent years have seen a rise in health awareness especially among young professionals. This is clearly seen in the number of individuals who are interested in running, walking, working out in the gym, and doing other physical activities. Because of this, it’s going to be profitable if you focus your blog on training shoes. You will surely have an audience for it, and an engaging one at that. If you really want to earn money through blogging, interest alone is not enough. Interest should always be paired with strategy and hard work.