4 Tips For Branding Your Wedding Business Website

The wedding business can be one of the most competitive industries. Not only are there are a lot of companies working with a much more extensive network than you, but some who are coming up with new and innovative solutions to compete in the major leagues. However, thatís why having a well-branded website could be the hub that sets you apart.

No matter where your business is currently at, considering a redesign is never a bad idea, which is exactly why Iím offering you a few tips on what to look for. Check them out below:

Glance Some Case Studies

When it comes to looking at how to brand your wedding business website, perhaps one of the first places you should look is at case studies of what others have done. While Iím not necessarily suggesting that you rip off someone elseís design, certain strategic points can be useful to use. This involves diving into the details of both contents as well as your site design, which are the two components that most people will look at first.

To begin, start looking at what type of wedding business you are, as well as what that offers to people. For example, one thing the wedding dress company Azazie does really well is showcasing real people genuinely wearing their dresses, which is much more inviting than hiring supermodels or even just picking the highlights. Additionally, your user experience is also going to be imperative as well, because as noted by Vitamin Talent, 48 percent of users say theyíll leave a website if it has a poor mobile experience; and if your website isnít optimized for mobile than thatís a must. All-in-all, dig through all the elements that you like in the websites youíve seen and work through how youíre going to incorporate those in yours.

Create A Hub For Social

Another important aspect of the wedding industry is being able to have your website be a hub for social. Not only is social media a primary research tool by those who are getting married, but just a plain good place to advertise your visual content. In fact, according to HootSuite, 83 percent of Americans have a social media account, which is a pretty vast audience for you to tackle. For those that are exclusively interested in marriage content, itís a completely different ball game.

When it comes to the wedding industry, your website and social should work in tandem to promote your visual content. This can be a tricky balance, as it requires you to look towards things in terms of campaigns. For example, the independent movie People You May Know utilized their trailer on social to bring people to their site to learn more. Practices like that can be useful in regards to what type of media youíre trying to produce, as well as how youíre trying to promote it.

Focus On Design

The design of your website and aesthetics can say a lot to your potential customers about your brand. Not only should this be consistent throughout your website, but in all of your marketing materials as well. In fact, according to CrowdSpring, 90 percent of those surveyed said that their experience should be the same on all platforms. And for your brand, itís imperative to get together a solid branding kit for your wedding company in order to not just compete, but survive.

To begin, start to ask yourself what you offer to the wedding industry, as well as why thatís a need. As branding is primarily about the identity you portray to others, itís important to develop something that speaks for your company without saying much at all. For example, the vape brand Juul utilizes thin typefaces with bold colors that help accentuate their flavors. Per your wedding brand, make your best attempt to offer the same, honing in on what truly makes you special.

Donít Forget About SEO

Finally, as one of the most crucial digital marketing tools thatís out, SEO is a must to consider with your digital mix. According to Junto Digital, 93 percent of online experiences begin with search; And if youíre looking to capitalize on then you need to get on top of your SEO ASAP. Who knows? With the right SEO, you could potentially become everyoneís top choice every time.

See what search terms make your product or service unique, including if thereís anything that people specifically look up to find you. For example, if youíre the only wedding caterer that specializes in seafood for your area, then focusing on the term of ďcaterers+wedding +(city)Ē might be useful to invest in. This can be a great practice to specifically target what customers youíre after; use it wisely in honing in on what strategy will work best for you.

What are some branding ideas youíve had for your wedding business? Comment with your answers below!