You Have Purchased a New Domain – Whatís Next?

Congratulations on your new domain! Excited, right?! So, now what do you do with it? It isnít like a property that will appreciate with time. It is an online space. You cannot just sit around on it and wait for the right time. You will need to act. Do you have any idea about what needs to be done next? If not, then you need expert help. They will help with the whole procedure.

In fact, some expert agencies like Low Cost SEO also offer Affordable SEO in Sydney! This may not be useful in initial stages, but later on it will become a major part of your domain. There is so much that you need to do and prepare. So, do not waste another moment and letís start! A domain should not be left empty for a long time.

What Steps should you take after buying a Fresh New Domain?

Buying a domain is a huge decision. It is in fact the baby steps that one takes towards building an online presence. But, most people are confused about the next steps! Are you one of those confused people? If you are, then you are in luck. We will help you turn your baby steps into lionís stride! With our help you will become a confident website owner/blogger!

So, here we go! The steps that each new domain owner needs to take, post buying one.

  1. Hosting Account: A hosting account is imperative for new domain owners! You could get it from the same source that you purchased the domain from. The process has some technicalities, so you could hand it over to a professional. But, if you want to do it on your own, then research and know all about hosting! The source you get your hosting from can offer an introduction to get started!
  2. Domain Specific Email: After the domain has been setup, you will definitely need a domain specific email like you@yourdomain. This will give your website a more professional feel. Prospective clients will find your website trustworthy only if they get the professional vibe from it. The hosting plan that you opt for will definitely dictate how many email addresses you can have. Usually you are given the first one free of cost! But, if you choose to have more than one, then it may cost you some money!
  3. Social Media Handles: The modern world has given us the internet! Along with that, it has also given us an amazing advertisement tool, known as social media. Social media presence is one of the most important parts of building an online presence. Even if you do not use the platforms, it is always a good idea to build usernames on them. Did you hit a brick wall with the username? It is already in use? No problem! Just add a qualifier at the end. Try to keep it same or at least similar across all platforms. Otherwise your fans will not be able to find you across all the platforms. After all you rely on them to refer your brand to their friends and family members!
  4. Goals: Well, not the football (soccer) goals! We are talking about what you plan to achieve with your domain and website! Without a solid goal, you will feel lost after some time. Which direction do you want to take your website to? This is the most crucial question! Start from the beginning, to set goals and make sure that your vision and end result matchup.
  5. Website Creation: You cannot leave the domain empty, so you will have to develop a website. How you develop it, is another story! You have two options:
    • Get it Done by a Professional: There are numerous companies and agencies, which have experts waiting to help you. Just make sure you go to the reputed ones and not any run-of-the-mill website designer. You need to get the job done beautifully. They have experience and skills to back up their guarantees. In fact, you could ask for some references and see first-hand how good they are!
    • Do it Yourself: The trend of DIYs has become popular. So, why not do this yourself as well. There are so many companies that help you complete a website design all by yourself. Some of these include Weebly, WordPress, Shopify and many more. Each one works and charges in a different way. So, take your time and then decide on which companyís help you are going employ!

Phew, a lot of tasks! After all of this, you will also have to think about content, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and rankings! Do not panic. You need to stay calm, let the experts handle it all! Or, handle the website creation and then leave the content development and content optimization to the experts. Once, you have superior content, your website will rise up in the rankings, making the domain purchase worthwhile and you can make the mula!