WordPress Sites that Use 3D

WordPress is massive, so much so that it has been estimated that there are 60 million currently. Of course, by the end of the day (and even by the end of reading this article) the number of sites will have increased even further. As such, it is important to realize that your WordPress site needs to have something different than that of the standard template provided. If you want to have your site in the SERPs and want to see your numbers increase in your analytics, you must have an attention grabber. And where you could spend a ton of money on someone to do SEO, organic content marketing, social media snippets, and such you can also implement a 3D template to bring some dynamics to your site.

Do not go horizontal travel on the Z axis

When you are trying to engage your viewers, consider a template that does not use the standard slideshow or the pop ups on the buttons. These are a bit cliché. And though you may get some attention from using such elements (it is far better than just leaving the page static images and texts), the overall presentation will not look professional. Instead use a template, even the default template will do, and think about adding to the Z axis (or the depth of the screen). This can be accomplished through the use of a 3D background, 3D objects, and even through the use of 2D elements layered to give the impression of a 3D space.

There are a number of templates which are available which simulate the 3D depth. A caution should be taken prior to purchasing these templates as many are based upon Flash. And as most apple products do not yet support Flash, this could be a bit problematic. Test it out and email the maker of the template to ensure that it is compatible with your target audience.

Showcase your products in 3D

If your budget is limited or non-existent, then you can still add a bit of uniqueness and depth to your WordPress standard template by using the free plugins alongside your product pictures or 3D model. Where it does limit the user interaction, your page gains the 3D and realism what viewers want. To create a 3D product slide show from your standard template:

  • Sign in as the Admin to your WordPress
  • Add the slide show plug in
  • Upload your images or 3D renders and ensure they are in the correct order
  • Copy the code for your slide show to the main page at the point you want it to be displayed
  • Preview the results
  • Publish the results

Using the Slideshow within the standard template can give the impression or a 360 view of your product.  Keep in mind the timing between the slides as well as the orientation of any rotations you have on your images/3d model.

3D Loaders and Supporting Icons

Perhaps your site needs to be fundamentally 2D in order to convey the business and seriousness of the business/blog. You would not want to have a ton of 3D and interaction on a legal website or on a medical site (though you could have explainer videos which have 3D). In such cases, you can implement subtle 3D elements to give depth to your template by adding a 3D preloaded to the page or by using 3D social media icons. Facebook and Skype icons are pretty standard, so using a 3D skype or Facebook icon will draw attention immediately.

If using a 3D pre-loader make the model relevant to the pages. Social icons should be placed where they are noticeable but in a way that does not over power the contents of the site. Remember, you do not want your site to look like an agglomeration of images and 3D elements, but creative and modern.

Go beyond the standard

Regardless of the template that you use, the point is that you need to go beyond the standard template. Get creative and get innovative with your design. If your site looks like the other 60 million sites which are on the net, no one will take the time to read the content or share it. However, if you have something that can be shared, something that draws in the viewer/client, and something that engages your audience, the odds are that the page will be successful.

Remember when picking a template that it should allow you to customize it, that you should have control over the fonts, that WordPress plugins will work with the template that you choose, and that it is intuitive not only for you but also for your audience. If running a business, check to see if the page will have a templated footer. Most will and will require you to pay a fee to remove it. It is well worth the money to take the “this site was created by.. templates” if you want to look professional.