What You Stand to Benefit by Hiring an SEO Expert Adelaide Agency

If you are struggling to get business in Adelaide, the problem could be your SEO. If your website is optimized well for Google, you will keep getting organic traffic to your company website and this traffic will soon convert to buying customers at your brick and mortar store. Even if your business is purely online, the SEO will still ensure your conversions improve. Most online businesses make the mistake of thinking all they need is to concentrate on CPC traffic.

Even though paid traffic is ok, organic traffic is always better, cheaper and more sustainable. Here are some top reasons why you should be thinking of hiring an SEO expert Adelaide agency to handle your SEO.


Most website owners know the basics of SEO. And they should. But that does not replace the need for hiring an expert in SEO. Even after you install the Yoast plugin and optimize all your pages to achieve a green score, you will still need to consult with an expert for a number of reasons. First of all, the experience of the expert will save you a lot of headaches. You may have DIYed the heck out of on-page optimization but the expert will come in handy when making important backend optimization techniques. The experience they have working with lots of other clients will help them advise you on what not to do and the must-haves for best results.


Search engines keep updating their algorithms to keep abreast with industry demands. For instance, when it becomes apparent that more people were spending more time on their phones than their laptops, Google updated their algorithm to favor websites that have been speed optimized on their mobile websites. The advantage of working with an SEO expert is they are usually aware of such algorithmic updates and know exactly what needs to be done in order to be in good books with the major search engines. Not getting ready for simple algorithm updates is all it takes to see your website traffic nosedive.

Targeted traffic

Even though traffic is good, not just any traffic is good. If you are running an eCommerce store that sells furniture, it will not do you any good if you got lots of traffic from people who are interested in buying sweaters. Most website owners use a lot of trial and error when trying to optimize their websites for search engines and this is the primary reason why some websites have lots of traffic but with a very low rate of conversion.  This is where an SEO expert comes in handy. They know exactly how to optimize your website and your content so that you get relevant traffic.  The more targeted traffic you get, the higher your rates of conversion.

Most website owners look at the quote they get from an SEO expert and immediately forget about the idea. But what you should be doing is seeking to establish if the cost will add value to your business or not. For instance, if you are currently averaging 500 unique views per month, wouldn’t it be a great ROI to pay an expert who could help your website get thousands of unique hits per day?