What is Drywall Master Fiberglass Render Mesh

Fiberglass render mesh is a material woven from glass fiber. Its purpose is to strengthen the surface of walls, ceilings, and floors during finishing with plaster, putty and other solutions based on gypsum or cement, both inside and outside buildings.

Glass fiber plastering mesh Drywall Master is durable and high-quality in general. The mesh is made from the highest quality fiberglass and has a special triple polymer impregnation (for protection against an alkaline environment).

This fiberglass mesh is supplied in the form of a roll 1 m wide and 50 m long. The cell size of the mesh is 4 by 4 mm, and the density of the glass fiber used is 160 g/m2. With similar parameters, the plaster mesh can already be used in:

  • facade insulation systems for reinforcing the outer layer;
  • internal plastering to strengthen the surface.

The plaster mesh should be applied to the surface of the newly applied plaster or insulation glue solution and evenly leveled with a spatula, immersing it in the depth of the mortar mass. After drying, a strong layer of plaster is obtained, which is reinforced with a render mesh. With further surface finishing for painting, the mesh requires additional finishing putty.

The main functions and advantages of Drywall Master Fiberglass Render Mesh:

  • simple and safe to use;
  • easy to fit and adapts to uneven surfaces;
  • protects coatings from cracking;
  • resistant to chemicals;
  • resistant to aggressive environments (can be perfectly combined with compositions of mineral plasters in which there is precisely an alkaline medium);
  • capable of providing surfaces with impact resistance, increases their characteristics related to strength;
  • easy to carry.

Specifications of Drywall Master Fiberglass Render Mesh

  • Length – 50 m;
  • Width – 1 m;
  • Mesh size – 4 by 4 mm;
  • Material density – 160 g/m2;
  • Material – fiberglass;
  • Packaging – roll in plastic wrap.

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