What is CDN in Web hosting?

Speed is a competitive advantage. This is true both for the delivery of goods or passengers in the real world and for the delivery of information in the digital world. But what to do if the information becomes more and more “heavy” due to the development of technologies for reflecting reality and the fashion for one or another of its methods?

● In real life, this problem would be solved by developing means of transportation and channels of communication

● In the digital world, this challenge is solved by CDN hosting

How the Information Delivery Algorithm Works Within the CDN

Content Delivery Networks or CDN was proposed as a solution to the problem of transmitting static content that is stored on the main server. This content can be distributed to end-users much more quickly thanks to CDN. Now the model for requesting and receiving information looks like this:

● The user needs static information that is stored on a remote head server

● At the time of his request, the CDN determines the closest caching server to him, which is part of the network, and addresses the user to this server

● Through this intermediary server, content delivery is much faster

The Quickest CDN for Instant Computing by G-Core Labs

G-Core Labs has developed an advanced global infrastructure for the fastest possible delivery of information. With the development and spreading of cloud services, CDN becomes rather a necessity for efficient computing. CDN by G-Core Labs is really impressive:

● more than 140 locations

● more than 25 centers with the intermediary servers

● more than 15 points on the globe where cloud servers are located

Using the services of the G-Core Labs, you can be sure that all transmitting of information will be carried out instantly, and it will not be delayed anywhere along the way. Any heavy content will be exceptionally light and fast thanks to G-Core Labs CDN.