What is a real YouTube promotion?

The title of this text speaks for itself – what is the real YouTube promotion? How to define Ariel promotion? Is the promotional real only when it is performed by a person? To all those questions and many more, I will try to answer in this article.

First, thank you for reading this. Choosing this article among hundreds of others is very nice of yours. I will try not to disappoint you. So, let’s start with a joke.

A millionaire, a creator, and a 20-year-old walk into the bar. And the bartender asks, “what do you want, a fellow YouTuber?“ Funny, right? The majority of older people won’t understand this joke. They grew up when the television was the main source of information and entertainment. But now, YouTube is the most popular platform in the world, and if you really want to create something, you should come directly to YouTube. But as you already know, it is hard to do something on YouTube without a competent and real promotion. So, what is a real promotion?

I would say, that video YouTube promotion is Ariel only when the traffic is generated by real people. When all your likes are correct by real people, all views are from real people etc. Only at that point the promotion can be called “real”. And is it hard to find a service, providing this a real promotion?

No, it isn’t hard. You just need to look at few parameters. First one is the quality of the website. If the promotion service really wants to stay, it will have a high-quality website. If you see a website straight from the 90s, you can close it right now – it is more likely to be a scam. A good website costs money, and a fraudulent service won’t spend on it. Second – pricing. The prices on the website should be average or a little bit below average.

Never choose a website with a very low price, because low price doesn’t mean high quality of promotion. You don’t want to spend $100 on promotion, and end up with fake followers, right? The highest price isn’t always the definition of the best promotion also, because after some point the quality of promotion can’t be altered anymore, and by choosing an expensive promotion company, you will pay for the name of the company. And the most important part – read the reviews. The reviews must be positive, with a small pinch of negative. Yes, negative reviews should be there, because you can’t satisfy everyone.

There will always be people, not satisfied with the promotion. Just read the reviews, check them for being written by a real person, and choose the right service for you! What else do you want to know? I hope I gave you the answers you were looking for. I believe that was a competent promotion, your career on YouTube will be glowing! I am sure that with a little help from promotion, you will become one of the most popular creators on YouTube!