Web Design Ideas that Need to Go

Web design is a critical field for companies who want to make a good impression on prospective customers and bring in as much attention as possible. Over time, best practices for designing websites have changed immensely. Hardware as well as software developments have lead to an improved Internet that allows companies to do more than ever before online.

Web Design Ideas

Unfortunately, the advancement of the Internet also means that certain web design tactics are out of date. Companies that still use these tactics will run into some problems if they donít discontinue the use of them soon. Here are some web design tips for business success.

Excessive Animations in Your Layout

There was once a time when it was considered trendy for websites and social media to have lots of fancy animations, as a way for designers to show off their unique coding talents and visual tastes. Unfortunately, many web users today donít look fondly upon websites that have many different animations. While one or two might be okay to have if they convey a strong marketing message, excessive moving pictures of animations are among the web design ideas that need to go because they distract a user from focusing on the important points of a web site: the information that they need to learn about the organisation or business in question.

Unique or Uncommon Colour Schemes

It is true that there is a benefit to having unique colours on your web site. In fact, there is nothing inherently wrong with using some interesting colours on your page to change things up.

However, problems result when ambitious web designers attempt to use wild colours as a way to differentiate their web site from others. The end result of this is often a site with a layout that is challenging to read, which causes frustration for visitors and leads to an elevated bounce rate. Unless you are supremely confident in your ability to choose colour combinations that are both unique and legible, your best bet is to go with a traditional colour scheme, such as a darker background with lighter coloured text.

Too Many Visuals

It is true that many people are visual creatures, which means that they will probably respond better to photographs or images than other types of media. Having too much text on your page is usually more of a problem than having too many pictures.

However, if you bombard your visitors with images, charts, graphs, movies, and so on, you will soon find that they get overwhelmed and are turned off by your website. It is important that you use pictures in a logical way that supports the rest of the page. Make sure that your pictures are also used to emphasise the points that you want to stress the most. For example, many web designers will use a picture to show a visual representation of a statistic that they reference in their website copy. However you choose to incorporate pictures on your site, make sure that you do not use too many of them.

Not Having a Responsive Layout

A responsive layout means that your page will adapt based on the various kinds of devices and platforms that your page visitors use to access the site. A responsive website is extremely important for several reasons: first, it increases your usability. The more people that can browse your website and load it on their device, the easier it will be for them to get the information that they need from the page.

Another huge benefit of a responsive layout is the SEO perks that come with this style of layout. These kinds of web designs allow you to improve your link building efforts and increase the influence of your website in terms of social media marketing, which is extremely valuable for making sure that you get exposed to as many people as possible.

Like many other fields today, web design is changing dramatically. If you do not keep up with the web design ideas that need to go and the ones that need to stay, you run the risk of alienating your prospective customer base and frustrating the people who already deal with you. Be certain that you keep tabs on all of the web design ideas that need to go so that you will know what to avoid when it comes to making smart design decisions that benefit your companyís bottom line by making your online presence more user friendly.