Is it Time for You to Go for a Premium Theme?

If you own a budding online business and have just been introduced to WordPress, you may have juggled with the idea of going for a free theme. While there are some dodgy free themes, you may have come across a particular theme you might think would make a good choice for your business. But is it really? In this article, we’re going to give you a few reasons why you should go Premium instead.

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Better and More Varied Layouts and Design

If you want to stand apart from the crowd, then you might want to ditch free themes in favor of a premium. Since good free themes are few and far between, the few that actually work tend to be very popular, hence increasing the chance of you having the exact same theme as one of your competitors. This might not only cause confusion, but hinder your chances of effectively branding your site.

Premium themes just look more professional, and a good theme can give you the same visual quality as any custom website, only at a fraction of the cost. Premium sites usually use better colors, layouts and have much better customization options as well. Premium sites allow you to really add your touch to the design and make it look exactly the way you intended. Free themes for the most part are much more limited.

Better Options

Premium themes also have much better options and features. For instance, a wide portion of premium themes offer a multilingual option. Going with a free theme that isn’t multilingual or supports multilingual plugins might be problematic. If you were intending to target the UAE for instance, most SEO companies Dubai will recommend using a multilingual theme to reach the local audience.

A premium theme may be more likely to have a full checkout option integrated for instance. Some free themes will claim to include a shopping cart option, but these are often only a facade and you’ll have to shell out a few extra dollars to have one installed. Premium themes also tend to be more SEO friendly and most of them use responsive design, which is a must for any new website.

Regular Updates and Support

Premium themes are more likely to stay up to date with the recent changes. Premium themes are usually updated regularly, while free themes are often abandoned. This could be an issue when trying to get support after a recent WordPress update.

A single WordPress update could break your entire site and interfere with anything from contact forms, to layouts and payment processing. And without support, you might have no choice but to change themes and have entire parts redone to fit your new one.


Premium themes have many advantages over free themes that shouldn’t be overlooked. Unless you’re really strapped for cash and don’t have any other option, I would strongly advise that you stay away from free themes at all costs. Not only do they tend to be neglected and have many deficiencies, but they could ultimately jeopardize your site’s security as well.